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Something to reflect on, in one minute.

So I saw this post card that reads: Better days are coming;they’re called Saturdays and Sundays. I just couldn’t help but grin with wide smiles. I mean… who doesn’t love weekends? Whoever cunned that word TGIF, thank you! It is so relaxing to have days like this I swear.

While we’re basking in the euphoria of the lovely weekend, I want to share a story which got me introspecting. A story about “air”. Its simple, yet so deep.

A young lady had just left the university and gotten a job in less than two months of graduation. With a very good take-home salary, free accommodation, an official car plus many other benefits. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to resume. While her mates were still hunting for jobs and many others still struggling to graduate, here she was, with her dream job, living the dream.

In less than two years, she’d bought personal cars, invested in real estate, by all standards, she was successful. People envied her.

Then one morning, as she was dressing up to go to work, she suddenly started coughing. She made her way to the rest room and as she coughed, she coughed blood. Hurriedly, she drove herself to the hospital.

After several tests and scans, the doctors concluded she’d have to live on oxygen support for the rest of her life. Except a miracle happens. Her lungs where damaged and she couldn’t breathe on her own.


This technique costs N4,500 (Naira) per day. As in, every 24hours, she spends N4,500 to breathe. In a month, that amounts to N135,000. Do the maths in one year, ten, twenty, etc.

In order to keep her breathing, her cars and various properties were sold. At this point, I paused and ruminated.

How much do we pay for air? yes the air we breathe. How much? Perhaps we’ve been lamenting about many of our life’s challenges. We’ve continued to compare our lives to others forgetting that our focus should be on bettering our own selves for life is a personal race. We’re alive, we’re breathing, freely.  And in case you haven’t realized, that’s really huge!!!

Search your soul. Are you being ungrateful of some sort? Take a minute to reflect on this and just maybe, maybe you’ll understand nature’s greatest gift to humanity, and appreciate the simple ‘air’ that you abundantly breathe.

Happy weekend guys,

with L❤️️

 Jessica Hugo


28 thoughts on “Something to reflect on, in one minute.”

  1. Thank you for taking the time in writing this. I can’t remember the last time I took a pause and just sit there, reflect upon something. Way to go in reminding me that there are other things in life as well, besides running around all day.

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  2. Well concluded, a point to reflect and then contribute. I have recently planted 5 trees in 5 months of this year By the end of the year, I would have planted 12 (hopefully). This way, I am thanking mother nature.


  3. So true. We all need to take a minute everyday to just be thankful for all the things we take for granted everyday. The roof above us, the food we eat, the air we take for granted, the clothes we can afford to wear. Who cares really if it is not a Gucci or LV as long as we have some decent clothes. If we have all the above and health and some loved ones, how dare we complain about how life sucks. Keep preaching Jessica! 🙂


  4. Yes. We all need to sit back and consider those things that we take for granted because we feel they will always be there or that we deserve them. Life can change in the blink of an eye. We need to learn to be grateful for everything (talking to myself, too).


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