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The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

These are some of my blogging pet peeves. And as an ardent reader, I personally find them irritating when I visit some websites. No matter how interesting/entertaining, or juicy the information i’m seeking is, I bounce off and may likely not return.

These may serve as some blogging tips, but honestly, I’m no expert in blogging advice as I am evolving as well. But you’re going to find typical facts in this post as I share some super annoying ways to put a reader/potential reader off:


Tip 1; Pop-ups/Ads:

Chances are, little or no one actually subscribes to your email list through those pop-ups. They just clog up the site and make it annoying. If your reader cannot find the close button in a second, he/she simply exits and look elsewhere! The web is filled with too many places to get information from. Ain’t nobody wasting time on yours  when your pop-ups won’t let them read in peace. Same as Ads, especially when it’s irrelevant. Your reader may likely return and subscribe later if you have a subscription box in your sidebar after he discovers your content is useful/relevant. Then he can follow.

Tip 2; Boring headlines:

People need to be so curious as to be pushed to click through. With a boring headline, it’s on to the next please!!! It isn’t always easy to come up with catchy headlines. I know its not that simple. I even struggle with headlines sometimes too but just so you know, it’s simple enough to put a reader/potential reader off! Everyone wants to click into something exciting/attractive. We can put some work into making our headlines so.

Tip 3; very long posts:

I don’t know about others, personally, when your post is too long such that I can’t quickly scan through in a few minutes to be sure I’ll find the content useful/entertaining, I simply exit! Especially if the first few sentences aren’t striking. Who’d want to spend all that time (which is even relatively limited) on a single post which doesn’t appear beneficial?

Tip 4; Illegible fonts:

If your fonts are unreadable, either very small fonts or hard to read, it puts off a reader. Some people have terrific visions even with glasses. No one would want to further put a strain on their eyes trying to read your blog, even with the best blog design and layout. Besides, most internet users use mobile devices which makes it even more difficult if your fonts are illegible no matter how much you zoom. And if the letters are stubby, it’s even more annoying.

Tip 5; unfriendly comments pluggin:

When every other Tip up there is in place, great headline, superb content, excellent font, etc but it’s difficult to interact via comment, boom!!! That’s it! I’ve particularly come across some amazing sites with quality contents. But leaving a comment is a hurdle because the comment pluggin isn’t user-friendly. So I simply go unnoticed. Some readers may want to interact, and it’s annoying not to be able to. I personally find “disqus” repulsive. I don’t know but I don’t feel like I should be compelled to sign in with any of my social media accounts before I would be able to leave a comment. It feels like pressure to me.

So there you go guys, keep updated by following the blog.

Which tip is the most annoying for you? And which other ones do you find personally annoying?

PS: I’m not big into layouts/designs. For me, content is key.

see you soon


Jessica Hugo


50 thoughts on “The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.”

  1. Haha these are all true. Especially the plug in..ooof. I was loathe to put anything like that on my site, but finally put a toast (which can be xed out or ignored easily) and it actually does attract some people. I also struggle with number 3…it’s because I have a huge but battered ego and a story to tell, haha.

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  2. ah man I hate disqus, I immediately abandon my comment if I realise they’re using disqus. I’m guilty of long posts, by always break it up with subheadings and pictures in the hopes it doesn’t become a drag! And yuck to popups. No thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hola! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and
    give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to mentkon keep up the fantastic job!


  4. Question as a new blogger – How long is ‘too long’ for a post? Lovin your blog tips! And really enjoying your posts in general… self-improvement & positive psychology are my jam. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou Amanda, as per how long a blogpost should be depends on the information you’re trying to put out. A minimum blogpost word-count should be not less than 300 words, atmost 1500-1800 words. Ideally, an average blogpost should be between 450/500 -800 words perhaps. Most readers find this more appealing cos it’s not too cumbersome. Personally, I get tired reading a blogpost that contains toomuch. (This is my personal opinion though) but I know a lot of people agree to this.


  5. I agree with all of your blog pet peeves, but I think the pop ups are most annoying. I think my blog posts may be too long sometimes, but I’ve always been one to write a lot. I think that’s something a lot of bloggers struggle with – what’s the “ideal” length?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think a lot of people will agree that word-count should be 450/500 -800 or slightly more but definitely not less than 300. I need to be able to scan through quickly to determine if it’s worth a proper read and if it is and it becomes too long, I get bored. Just drive your point! ( My personal opinion though).

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    1. That’s what you should find out from your pageviews or something, I dunno but we all are work-in-progress and so anything to improve and work on is welcome!
      Thanks for your comment.


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