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7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.

You’d know an alpha person when you spot one. The qualities are badass and distinctive. An alpha person just as the name implies, is the “numero uno”. The one who leads the pack. The leader of his/her own life. He/she is smart and confident.

The world today, can best be enjoyed by the mentally strong people. The persistent, resilient and optimistic goal-getters. They’re badass like that! When I say badass, I mean the ones with extreme attitudes worthy of admiration. Driven by values such as courage, responsibility, compassion, etc.

Usually, pop-culture looks at the badass alpha person as the mean-faced, bike-riding, leather-pants wearing, tattooed, cow-boy looking man, or the “seemingly” pretty, scantily-dressed drama queen. But here are seven badass qualities of a true alpha man or woman. (The mentally strong):


• They suck the juice out of every lemon:

Life has its sour moments. An alpha man or woman knows lemons are going to be thrown at him/her sometimes, every moment isn’t pleasing. There are uphills and there are downhills. But an alpha person would suck every juice out of the lemon and get past it like a boss! S/he will view adversity as an opportunity for growth and as they overcome every obstacle, they gain more confidence to become wiser and better.

• They know time and energy are limited resources so they don’t waste it on things not worthy of it:

They stay productive and effective by focusing on things that matter. They don’t worry about things that could have happened or things they have no control over. They move on, let go of grudges, learn from their past/mistakes, and invest their efforts (time, energy,money) on productive things.

• They take calculated risks:

The best things in life doesn’t come from the easy road and an alpha person knows this. They know when to seek opportunities outside their comfort zone that’ll help them reach their goals. They set their priorities and exit the zone (adding fun to it) and gaining mental fortitude as well.

• Defines his/her success and doesn’t go by the general rules:

An alpha person is the leader of his/her own life. And so societal rules, values, expectations and enforcements means nothing to him/her. This is because s/he plays by her own rules and not the society’s. S/he understands that playing by general rules is like leaving his/her true self behind and adopting a lifestyle that might not suit his/her values.

• They have confidence like no other:

They are initiators and doers. Because they believe in themselves. They inject badass innovation and skills into everything they do or are involved in. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t know EVERYTHING. But they would say “YES” first and figure the “HOW” later. That’s because they believe there’s always a way to solve any problem. And in as much as they’re confident in themselves, they’re equally confident in other people. Rather than be pessimistic and allow self-limiting beliefs hold them back or restrict their abilities, they’re optimistic and always expect the best outcomes. Whilst also preparing for the worst.

• They don’t frequently loose their cool:

Ok no!! A badass alpha person doesn’t hide their displeasure or fake a personality for attention. No-no. They’re always composed and decide/react calculatively.  They can have moments of outbursts as humans that we are, (we all do, it’s not always easy to tolerate annoyance). But they are never rude. They show respect and are charming. An alpha person isn’t seen frequently loosing his/her cool. They’re mentally strong remember? They expend their energy wisely and practice self-discipline even in times of discomfort.

• Lastly, they live a life of gratitude and just stay happy:

They stay in the right perspective of life. They know not to over-burden their minds with somuch but to count their blessings and stay on the brighter side of life. This choice shows forth in their attitude towards life. They’re badass, they’re alpha, like that!!!

Okies. So now I’m here wondering if I’m one. Are you wondering like I am too? or thinking of someone who is. Oh yes, I’m badass!!! 💪 ( if you like, no gree your own. Na your kwansign). Tell me if you are, and please share with your friends and leave me your thoughts.

With L❤️️

Jessica Hugo.


57 thoughts on “7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.”

    1. If you’re badass Robin, you’re alpha. If you get what you want,(like you said) that means you create/lead your own life. That makes you 🅰️ Badass alpha. 🙂


  1. Great post! Adversity can bring out your inner badass. Sometimes you don’t realize you are badasses until life pushes you and your inner badass takes over!

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  2. I love this post! I like to think that I am an alpha woman simply because I define my own success. It feels so refreshing to reach my goals that I set for myself without fear of others getting in my way!

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  3. Fun and interesting read. I just have one thing to add though. I think that confident people like alpha people do have moments of uncertainties like everyone else, they just also have ways, both in-built, and learned, through which they climb out of that moment of doubt and come back stronger than ever. 🙂

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  4. This is an awesome post and I have to say that I am an alpha male however there are some qualities which I can improve on especially about losing my cool

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  5. I think we are born as superwomen, we just need to unleash our powers, but in reality what I’ve seen is that Mothers are usually superwomen and they never even brag about it!

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  6. This is a great post on the definition of a badass which is an alpha man or woman.. I know this year I am becoming one and taking more chances on things that are out of my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing the information and your thoughts.

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  7. I love the attitude of people who are go-getters. They definitely know what they want and know how to go for it. I think these are qualities that we should learn from or even adapt to.

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    1. True!! Go by your standards cos success indeed means different things to different people. And comparing your success to others doesn’t add a thing. Just seek to be better everyday. Good to have you here Ana


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