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4 easy ways to overcome your fear of DREAMING.

It’s a new month guys, yayyy!! I’m super glad to have you here with me, thanks for joining. Today, I’ll be discussing an interesting topic, deep breathe overcoming- your- fear- of-dreaming.

We all have dreams, aspirations, goals, and so forth in life, some of them have been ever since we were a child. We all want to lead a fulfilling and happy life but you’d be surprised how many of us limit our dreams due to fear. Fear of what exactly?

We fear dreams are for dreaming. In.the.dreamland. We fear they are unrealistic and never come true. So we limit our dreams to the things we feel aren’t wide or extravagant. We make our dreams small in order to contain us. To feel safe.

See, your dreams should be bigger than you. Mm huh you heard me. You are allowed to dream as wide as you can, as big, as impossible,  as “unrealistic”, as ” nonsensical”, as “crazy” as you can. For goodness sake, it’s free!!! There’s no dream-cop or police that’ll charge you for dreaming big or daring to dream.

If you can dream, the “how” will find its way. The “how” it will become realistic.  Let loose your imaginations and keep dreaming. Most of us think dreams have to be realistic to be worthy of being called a dream. Infact No! Your plans has to be realistic but not your dreams. Your dreams may sound crazy and out of this world, but they are YOURS. Only you can see it.


Succesful people are those who dared to dream the most. And because dreams usually  seem impossible, we build up fear towards them. In this post, I’m going to share 4 easy ways to overcome that fear. 

Let’s dig in:

• Develop the courage you need to get to where you’re going. This means facing your fear. Hey! You’re not alone on this. Millions of others are facing what you’re facing Build up the courage required to move ahead and look for ways to motivate yourself daily.

• Take one step each day closer to your dreams.  Whether it’s by planning, researching, studying, asking questions, let each day count. Start gradually till you work your way up.

• Kill your self-doubt…dead! There maybe times when your inner critic won’t just shut up! All manner of doubts and negative thoughts that’ll discourage and try to stop you.  Constantly remind yourself how adequate you are and your ability to pull through. Don’t even let set -backs stop you. Your dreams are bigger than any doubt.

• Visualize your success. Act/feel like it were already true for you. There’s a popular saying that ” if you can see it, you can be it”. So think/visualize your dreams. By doing this often, it can help you stay focused and also remind you that dreams really do come true. You can live the dream. Yes you.

One of your mantras should be: Put your dreams in front of you and your fears behind.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo


21 thoughts on “4 easy ways to overcome your fear of DREAMING.”

  1. I love this! You gotta face that fear; challenge it….challenge yourself to perseverance and resilience until the aim is achieved. Also, avoiding procrastination in all ways. Thanks for this xx


  2. Dreams are one of my favorite topics and you have made a wonderful write up around it. It is essential to dream and it is so pleasant when your dreams turn to reality. I call myself a realist dreamer, as I try and turn my dreams into reality, whatever I can 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Zinny, fear & faith have one Thing in common; They make us believe in what we ain’t seeing! And while fear will stifle your actions, faith will push you to work. To live your dreams, we have to exercise our faith & actually work. Happy new month too deary.


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