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Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.

This post has kinda been in my drafts for a while now, so I thought…what best time to share it? Now ofcourse. grins. I was tagged by Ijay of http://www.ijefinelivin.com, my amazing online friend. Hi Ijay… waves hand thankyou! Please check her out.

Okies. The rule is to answer all ten questions asked by the person who tagged you, tag ten other people, and ask your own questions too. So let’s get down to the juice already, shall we?

Because it is ‘blue’ sky tag now. 😚

• Favorite movie of all time:

None. I really don’t watch too many movies, but I’ve found a few movies quite interesting.

• Ribena or 5alive?

Ermmm… should be 5alive please.

What is your biggest fear?

I really can’t think of one right now. I believe there’s courage to conquer all.

• When is your birthday?

24th June 198-.

Do you believe in true love?


• Singing or dancing?

Both. I’m not so sure about dancing but I can shoki and azonto and etighi small. 😁

Whatsapp stories or Instagram stories?

Do I even know? I don’t have an Instagram account yet, and I don’t do whatsapp stories. Mm huh. I’m weird like that. Lol

• Favorite food?

jollof rice + fried plantain + fried turkey

• One thing you cannot do without?

Water!! We can’t do without water right? 😄

• When did you start blogging?

Some time last year. Read my first ever unedited blog post Here. I left it unedited on purpose so I can measure how I’m growing in my writing journey along the way.

Pphew!!! Thatsall guys. If you’re a blogger/writer, please feel free to join in the fun and link me. I’d love to read your own answers and leave comments too.

Big hugs to y’all for following and reading me everyday. Thankyou! And I hope you have fun!

If you aren’t subscribed yet, seriously what are you waiting for? please do so now and never miss a fresh post as it lands straight out of the oven.

See you soon.

Jessica Hugo.


19 thoughts on “Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.”

    1. I found ‘pitch-perfect 3’ quite interesting, ‘the fighting temptations’ also. I’ve been following ‘fast & furious’ so ‘Fate of the furious’ was quite cool too. And then the Nollywood movies ‘The wedding party’ and Ay’s ‘A trip to Jamaica’ are blockbusters.

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