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It’s OK to worry, or maybe not to.

The future is hidden, no one can accurately predict tomorrow’s outcomes. But we believe that it is certainly a good one. So as humans, we sometimes worry about things. Many things. We worry about our jobs, kids, friends or even parents. We worry about gaining or loosing weight, being more or less attractive, getting older, infact some people no longer celebrate their birthdays. They dread the fact that they aren’t getting any younger. We worry just about everything. Things that matter, things that don’t.

Let me tell you something, it is really OK to worry!!! So long as there’s something real to worry about. If your goals/challenges are big enough, they’d definitely get you thinking. But if there isn’t something real or substantial to worry about, and you are, you’re only helping those wrinkles become more prominent.

Are there things you could do about those worries? That should be the first step. To identify if you can do something(s) to eliminate those worries. If there’s a problem, we seek to create solutions rather than carry on worrying. It will only zap you of your joy.

If you are worried about your weight, eat less, exercise more, or maybe see a health professional. If you’re worried about getting old, don’t worry.  It will happen anyways. You see what I mean? it’s OK to worry, or maybe not. If you’re going to worry, worry usefully. But to worry needlessly? Oh come on…isn’t that a waste of time?


However, there are constructive steps we can take to reduce/eliminate our worries, when we are actually ‘worrying’.

Here they are:

• Take control of your mind: Since everything starts from the mind, take charge of it. Different thoughts will run through your mind all day, be mindful of the helpful ones. Those ones that will help the situation not worsen it. Eliminate the toxic ones. If you can take charge of your mind, you can conquer anything.

• Take your ‘me’ time to reflect, resolve and  brainstorm: Your ‘me’ time is your quiet times. When you meditate, reflect, resolve and think! As you do so, you’ll be illuminated with more ideas & various methods to help the situation.

• Trust yourself and your journey: We do not have control over everything. Some we do, some we don’t. Trust yourself to be able to change the things you can. If you believe you can, you can. Trust your journey and trust the process.

• Find distractions: Sometimes you don’t need to be encapsulated by your worries. Find distractions. Fun activities, soak yourself in the moment. Breathe!

• Count your blessings: It is wrong to complain too much and not pause to appreciate the little things you have. Be grateful and celebrate your every victory. More is to come.

• Get up-to-date information & do something constructive. Maybe take a plunge. Pray. Something.

Worrying may be a sign you aren’t really doing something. If you are, be hopeful and be positive and STOP WORRYING!! If you’re worrying pointlessly, but why? Please stop.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo.



21 thoughts on “It’s OK to worry, or maybe not to.”

  1. Like it…No Worry Be Happy… I like where you say,”Worrying may be a sign you aren’t really doing something.” It takes time for a lot of us to understand this simple thing. Good post

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  2. Very motivating and uplifting. And I agree that it is okay to worry because without worrying we don’t give importance to the things that matter 🙂


    1. It is ok to accept the reality that there’s actually a problem & that’s the cause of the worry. Don’t live in denial. But then the cause of the worry should be real/substantial not imaginary. And then try to create a solution. Faith without work is dead. If you’re doing something, then shift focus to the positive side, be hopeful and stop worrying. Worry will zap u of your joy & make you see the glass as half empty.

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  3. As i read through this i remembered two things. First is a song my mum used to sing a lot when we where growing up “why worry when you can pray?…” The second is a saying i see every time i go to school these days, it a popular one “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you work to do but gets you nowhere”
    Nice one from you as always Jess

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    1. yea I remember that song too. As I try to recite it now, I just noted the powerful words in it. Lovely song. If worrying can get anyone to do something to solve the problem, with all pleasure pls!!! Don’t even pretend. If not, then why? Just stop.
      Thanks Ije, ❤️️

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  4. Being worried for the right thing is always okay and keeps you enthusiastic towards your work.
    you can improve your skills too but stress is not the right thing at all. nice post. 🙂 loved it !

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  5. Cheers for this post. I really need this atm because there are so many things in my life that I’m always worrying about. Some of these things are also negative and can’t be fixed cuz I don’t control “their” lives.
    Anyways, been doing meditation as often as I can and it’s getting better I guess.

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