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Reliving Childhood: 5 things I wish I learnt growing up.

This is a lighthearted post, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

I remember dancing in the rain, it was quite fun playing when it rained. I did that a lot of times and I remember when mama would scream…“Get inside, you’ll catch cold”! in my dialect (Ibo) cos that always sunk how serious that instruction was! Then I’d spend a long time shivering afterwards.

I and my friends cooked a lot. You know that kind of cooking you do with empty tomato-tins as pot, broomsticks as firewood, different kinds of grasses as food ingredients and gravels as meat. Lol

I remember tying dolls to my back, acting like a mum and reading to flowers, seats and everything on sight acting like my school teacher.

I was energetic too and enjoyed sports especially the 100m dash-race. ( you’ll have to comman beat me to try this now).

I learnt riding bicycle, knitting, gush! You needed to see me in action with my spoke and wools. Hehe. I also learnt some bit of stitching too that’s why y’all young chaps better take your home economics classes serious.


The hard truth is, you’re only young once. Once you’re grown up, you can never go back. You’re only left with memories. And when you start a career, get married, have kids, life happens! Now picture yourself learning how to ride a bicycle in the street now or how to use the internet. Funny right?

Okies. Let’s delve into this already shall we? Here are five things I wish I learnt growing up.

β€’ Plaiting hair: For real, this is a good skill. You can even make some pretty cool cash with it. I have two daughters and I wish I could plait their hair or even mine pretty well myself. I try sometimes but it never comes out as good as when it’s done by the hairdressers. sob. I’m learning now though.

β€’ Learning other foreign and local languages: I love French, Spanish and German. I wish I can speak them fluently. The best times to learn languages would be childhood right? atleast you have fewer to-do lists. I wish I learnt other local languages in Nigeria too. Like Yoruba, Hausa and Efik. They can be quite useful you know?

β€’ Playing a musical 🎢 instrument: How I love the piano. I can sing pretty well. i dey try. ( or so I think) lol. Learning to play just one instrument would have been so awesome. Music is life!

β€’ Home repairs 101: oh yes! This should be a basic life skill. It is sooo necessary. You know, like being able to fix certain electrical faults around the home. Repairing some plumbing works like the kitchen tap or something. Maybe changing spare tyres as well. Not saying a 12-year old should become an electrician or plumber, but looking into how these things work can be useful sometimes.

β€’ Swimming: Ok!! I wouldn’t want anyone laughing at me at the pool so I might just stylishly learn this as well. What’s the use wearing a bikini and getting on the pool only to stand at the edge? Lol. before water wee comman carry me, I rather just sit outside the pool with my sunshades. its not me that wee comman fall my hand. Yimmu

So there you go guys, what are some stuffs you wish you learnt growing up?

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Do have a pleasant day y’all.

Jessica Hugo.


80 thoughts on “Reliving Childhood: 5 things I wish I learnt growing up.”

  1. I don’t know what plaiting hair is. I think I need to go look it up πŸ™‚ I do wish I knew good hair care tips when I was younger, though.


  2. I agree with learning different languages. My family has a different dialect but I never learned how to speak that dialect. So far, I’m just trying to learn from other people around me, whatever their language is. Makes me connected more to them.


  3. Lol….I love when it rains. Unfortunately now i can’t afford to tuck into a blanket like when i was a child. Rain is failing and you are probably driving sef…smh. Apart from braiding, i fall in all the categories. I learnt to ride a bicycle at 13 or so, but i never perfected it. Took a stint at swimming at 20 but fear took the better part of me..i will try again. I manage to know hausa because i grew up in the north. I enjoyed reading this!


    1. Awwhh lucky you! atleast you understand one other local language. I barely do. Just a few basics like come & go, etc lol.
      On swimming, meeehhhn! It’s something on my list.
      Thanks for your contribution Ije, ❀️️❀️️

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  4. My wife and I always say that our son will learn guitar and piano! I learned guitar later in life, but wish my parents made me take lessons when I was young


  5. I agree with you about the languages and music or instrument learning. I learnt a third language much later in life, in my 20s, but I realised that learning it younger would have been easier. Hence why I insist on speaking in English to my children who are born in France and are French native :-). Have you tried the app DUOLINGO – its a great way to learn a new language via gamification.


    1. Yea, learning it younger is quite easier. And that’s a good thing you’re teaching your kids English in France. Nice one!! About the app, will check it out. Not like I’m so interested in learning any now though. Lol
      Thanks for your comment Vijee.

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  6. Yes on the home repair thing! I wish I knew more about that. I did get swim lessons, but I never really picked it up. I hated going under the water. I can dog paddle at least!


  7. I am with you with learning more languages and the musical instrument. Although I think as a child wI would HATE to be forced to learn an instrument, you only appreiate it later. Handy woman I am, thanks dad!


  8. I wish that I would have learned more about fixing cars. My stepdad was a mechanic and while I learned more than most girls did, it was mostly just theory. I would have liked to be more hands on so I could do more now.


    1. Every skill comes in quite handy. With that, you can always fix minor faults without calling shots. Motor-mechanics practical knowledge is so cool. It’s not an area most girls would look at so that makes it more cool. Nice one!


  9. I too didn’t know what plaiting hair was, but read through the comments. You are so right about learning a language. I still kick myself that I was so stubborn about learning one when I was younger.


    1. Yea, I wish I did too. I was particularly more interested in French but dropped it sooner than later as I got engrossed with other schoolwork.

      Plaiting is same as braiding. Just trying to do Nigerian here.
      Thanks for your comment Erin.


  10. Home repairs! For some reason, I don’t have a problem with not being good at it but I admire everyone that is and here’s a secret, I find it really attractive in guys. Lol. Oh, plaiting hair too! I’m not particularly good at it. When you mentioned that you could stitch and do all that, I was wondering what else it could be you still want to learn. Lol. I need to learn swimming too. A lot of things infact. Lol. Enjoyed reading this. xx
    Dealing with Change(s)


  11. I actually took a lot of time working on learning a foreign language. I just didn’t practice it enough when I had the chance. I should have worked on it more. I have forgotten so much.


  12. I know how to swim πŸ™‚ but I too wish I had learned the other four-especially plaiting hair. I always wanted to know how, but my mom wasn’t girly even in the least sense, and I didn’t had anyone else to ask. I love the way you write too, by the way. If you write fiction at all, and ever want to join my “Fiction Fridays’ contest, I would love it! I really really like your writing style.

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  13. Nothing is too late Jessica. I myself too has a lot of things in mind that I wished I have learned when I was a kid, like swimming or learning a third language. Starting now can make a difference. Right now, I’m trying to learn Spanish with the Duolingo app on my smartphone. Hope I can master this language soon haha

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  14. It’s important to learn all the skills that you need while growing up so you won’t have a difficult time when you start living on your own. These are very nice lessons. Thanks for sharing more about you.

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  15. I guess my question is, “Have you learned how to do them?” I know we get to a place were we wish we knew these things, but time is not done with us yet…. so what have you learned today? πŸ˜€

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  16. I wish I was strong enough to do home repairs! My dad taught me well. Like with my car I could change my oil but I’m also not strong enough to get it done by myself LOL. You can always still learn a new language or learn to play an instrument! It is never too late, it just might be a little harder now than when you were younger!


  17. I wish I had learnt how to sing when I was a child. I tried to learn much later, in my 30’s and was not good at it, However, I can smile at the memories now.


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