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Grace Vs Hardwork

This has been a lifelong debate. Sometimes when people become successful, they attribute it to grace. While some others would say it’s all hardwork. By hardwork I mean, your personal efforts and perseverance towards your set objective or fulfillment.

I always hear when you work hard, you’ll become successful. Hard work leads to success. If you work hard, you can achieve anything. Blah..blah

But then I look around in the society. It’s filled with zealous hardworking fellows. Yet not everyone is successful. The hawkers work so hard. So do truckpushers, bricklayers, etc. People put in 8 to 12 hours daily at their jobs. They work really hard too. They “grind“. They sacrifice their comfort. They persevere. But not everyone succeeds.


However, if you lazy and sleep about waiting for manna to fall from heaven, you’ll grow old hungry and wretched. I haven’t met anyone not amazing enough to push themselves to get stuffs done. Infact, to succeed at anything requires effort. Extra efforts!

But if hardwork is all the requirement one needs to succeed, I believe millions of people would be extremely successful. I’ve seen people suffer and struggle far more than others, yet they aren’t near as successful. Perhaps leaning on one’s own personal efforts alone isn’t all there is to success?

Grace! Let’s get to Grace. In Christian theology, grace is divine help and favour shown to us by God. Not necessarily because we’ve done anything to earn it. It is His benevolence in choosing to bless us even though we may be undeserving of it. We do not work hard to earn grace. It is shown to us.


People sometimes get skyrocketed 20 times (even more) more than where their personal effort alone would have taken them. They get somewhat elevated to positions and statuses they arent so deserving of. Life happens! shrugs.

If we focus on what matters each day, Pay attention to details, Learn and re-learn, Practice resilience and Put our best in everything that we do. Does this guarantee success? Every effort surely yields fruit no matter how little it is. Hardwork indeed pays!

You can work hard all you can, but if you have no purpose nor belief in your self or your pursuit, your reality is far-fetched. The barrier is in your mind. With dedication and determination, you can achieve all you set your heart to.

On grace vs Hardwork, what are your thoughts?

Jessica Hugo


17 thoughts on “Grace Vs Hardwork”

  1. I prefer to think of luck rather than grace, and in my opinion it takes a combination of many things, hard work, luck, connections and the random for a person to be successful.
    Any one of those things can result in you being successful, but it generally takes more than one of them to manage it.


    1. I think luck is an unpredictable and uncontrollable force that just happens by chance. People get lucky sometimes though & most times luck is likened to grace. I hear people say..’ I’m not lucky, I’m blessed!’ Meaning it’s more a blessing to experience God’s divine favor than be hit by some sort of stream of luck.
      And true it takes a combination of things to be successful like you mentioned.
      Thanks for your comment and contribution. X


    1. I mean.. man got to do what man got to do! I feel like The saying..’ work hard and you’ll succeed’, misses some bit of elements. Sometimes the universe has to work in our favour too right?


  2. Hard work vs Smart work is another version people talk about. So with smart work, it is sort of doing the right thing to position your self for the perfect opportunity for success. This is kind of what we now refer to as luck or favor depending on who is looking at it. It can be complicated to analyze these things some times!


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