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The little things…

I often look at my kids with keen interest when they’re  playing and jumping around. They absolutely have nothing to care about except ofcourse their toys, racing about and laughing as hard as they can. Makes me sometimes reminisce on being a child and worrying about freaking nothing! If you observe children, you’d realize how free and happy they usually can be.

As adults, we sometimes can get carried away by our pursuits and every other thing that we forget about the little things that make the essence of life, the very little things that spice up life. These little things add up to become the big things that pleasure our lives. Here are some of the ‘little things’:

Things as little as a smile can brighten your day or be a blessing to the person next to you. Laugh out loud, enjoy the feeling and purge your soul of every sadness. Enjoy the moment.

Learning to appreciate the one, two or three square meals we have daily can be elevating. Be thankful and savor every bit of it.

We often praise others for a job well done but we criticize ourselves when we get anything done. When you’re able to achieve anything that you’ve set your mind to, no matter how ‘small’ you think it is, celebrate yourself too. It could be small, but it does matter. Pat yourself on the back and say good job! With both thumb fingers.

A compliment is a wonderful thing. It could be small but it is powerful. It can make a big impact in your life. It shows you’re appreciated and admired. Do not hold back compliments when you should give them. It is encouraging and could mean the world to the other person.

Pause for a moment and count your blessings.  ” Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things in which smiles and kindness and small obligations given habitually are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.” ~  Humphrey Davy.

A small gesture of support might be “small” but it could mean a lot. The act of giving is both a blessing and a privilege. Extend your arms no matter how ‘little’, it could make a huge difference.

The little extra hours of sleep, the music, the shower, indulging in the things we love, etc all go unnoticed but they bring joy and are quite satisfying.

Happily enjoy this “little” thing called life. It does matter!!

What are the little things that go unnoticed but really matter (to you) in life?

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo


34 thoughts on “The little things…”

  1. You are so right, I get so lost in what I’m doing I forget to appreciate all the small things in life. I glance over those compliments and I do not count my blessings. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and to appreciate what’s around us.


  2. Little things. They all add up to a great life! I think it’s the little things and little gestures that mean the most.


  3. Great post. This is so true. I recently bought a little journal from Home Goods called the “favorite moment of the day journal”. Every nigt I’ll take a second to jot down special things about my day even if it’s something I ate. It definitely lifts my spirits and makes me realize it’s the little things that make like so special 🙂


    1. That’s so wonderful! I guess I should borrow a leaf. Sometimes taking our time to write down and appreciate the favorite moments of the day can truly be enlivening.
      Thanks for your contribution.


    1. We absolutely need to take a chill-pill sometimes and just live in the moment. We work so hard for the future that we actually forget to live today. Indulge in the things you love to do, appreciate those little things called moments before they become memory.


  4. I always take time to appreciate the little things, they are usually what make my day! Today it was that there was a dog on the train and everyones faces lit up!


  5. Great post, and thanks for mention those things that we sometimes forget to do as adults. For me laughing is everything, and I enjoy smiling and having a good time. Why does everything have to be so serious anyway right! I know I am older, and mature but that doesn’t mean that life still can’t be fun right. Enjoy everyday, and appreciate everyday, because there is so much to look forward to.


    1. It is good to appreciate nature & take sometime to appreciate everything around us. It helps ease one some bit. I pray you get well real quick please and thankyou for your comment.


  6. I’ve decided to take more pleasure in the food I eat as well as the daily showers. You’re right, Jessica. It’s good to savor the small moments, they improve my outlook on life whenever I take the time to be more appreciative of who I am. Thank you for the lovely reminders 🙂


  7. How about a little kindness to the stranger that we come across..that gave me so much happiness. Perhaps just a cold drink to a tired staff who do survey in our household. Or a pack of warm food for a homeless that we meet often on the road.

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  8. What a powerful blog post, I love this! Actually made me smile, I think for me personally I love it when some goes out there way just to compliment me! But like you say it really is the little things that count more!x


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