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The crowd and your territory.

Recently, the #pepperdemgang has been trending. I honestly thought it’s the title of one of Olamide’s hit singles from his current album. Oh…literally it is. Until I started seeing it all over social media that it is (also) actually a gang that showcases luxury, wealth, cars, etc to pepperdem . Hian! Whatever that means that people are killing themselves to join, it’s a wawuu.

Gone are the days of #slayqueens. I hear on Instagram, the gbege there ehh You have to have muscle.

Honestly, it’s quite easy to follow the crowd. Sometimes one can loose him/herself in the process. To begin to live life to impress strangers on the internet.

Being part of the crowd becomes the ultimate goal, it doesn’t at all matter where the crowd is going. Which brings me to values and goals. One has to begin to really understand what matters to him/her in this life. What are your values?

Your goals…are they in alignment to your core values? These things can help determine if we’re towing the right path because you will know. It’s in your guts-feeling. Once you’re doing something that contradicts your values, you will know.

Sometimes in following the crowd, you loose your authenticity, your voice and your uniqueness. Because you have to live life for the validation of others.


By  territory in this context, I mean things that fit into your core values, aspirations and unique qualities and lifestyle.

You become the leader of your life and lead yourself to where you want to be.~ your territory; your desires, your ambitions,etc  instead of following the crowd. You set your own standards, embrace yourself and stand out.

The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd“.~ cueing from Albert Einstein.

You can make your own crowd in unfamiliar territory you don’t have to stay within the lines.


Jessica Hugo


20 thoughts on “The crowd and your territory.”

  1. I think some trends are worth following, the positive ones. The huge surge in women especially building muscle can only be a good thing. We are hunter gatherers by design, but have somehow over time transformed into the somewhat lazy culture that we are now. If we want that long happy life that we all seem to crave, then anything promoting this can only be a good thing.


    1. Ure correct. If we partake in things that promote good life in a positive way. But where it builds som sort of pressure somuch that some have to get these things ‘by any means’ just to be part of the group I tink isn’t ok. Social media can be our friend & at same time our foe. Depending what we use it for.
      Thanks for your comment dear. X

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    1. Infact we should follow trends that’ll advance and better us positively. But don’t loose yourself in following the crowd especially when you don’t even know the ‘head and tail’. Lol thanks Nayna I appreciate


  2. Jessica
    Thanks for sharing,well written and enjoyable.We sometimes follow crowds we forget who we are,without realizing it, we are trying to be these different characters we do not really know.

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