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15 simple and impactful affirmations you should say everyday.

Affirmations are a great way of flooding our brain and entire being with positive thoughts. They transform our outlook to life. It is always said that thoughts precedes actions and then actions produce results. So if you want to achieve anything, start with your thoughts. Claim it in your mind!

Declaring something as if it were already true for you can be empowering especially during trying times. We could also use affirmations to strengthen our beliefs. Nothing beats a strong positive mental attitude backed up by positive affirmations. You can achieve anything you set your heart to, if you can use your thoughts to build your words and eventually your actions so that your intentions are manifested. Nothing is impossible ~ Impossible is Nothing.

As part of your morning routine, or while performing any activity, even when facing spontaneous challenges, using positive affirmations can help one get in the right mindset.


When you feel inspired, then you can be energetic.

Today, I share with you, 15 simple lifechanging affirmations you should say daily:

I declare that…

• Today, I choose to be happy and I am grateful.

• I radiate beauty, Love and charm.

• I possess the qualities I need to reach my dreams.

• I am grace-personified.

• Everything is working together for my ultimate good.

• I declare super-abundance in me and through me.

• I am well. And so is everything around me.

• I wake up today with strength and vigor to conquer the day.

• I can and I will. It is my time that’s all!

• I let go of every worry that does not serve my purpose.

• I believe in my ability to get through with this.

• I am blessed with the most incredible friends and family.

• I am positive and can only attract positives.

• My life is joyful, love-ful and fun-filled.

• I am growing stronger and better each day.

Notice that they’re all speaking in the present for the future and not in the past.

Consciously repeating positive statements as this will ultimately wire your brain to start believing it is true. And when you start believing so, you start feeling and acting so. Your actions then become your reality.

One way to change any situation is to change it from your mind and act like it were already so for you.

I hope you found this post useful? Don’t forget to share and connect with me.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo.


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