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Half empty or half full?

Times are tough. The economic situation, insecurities, etc are hitting hard. It’s difficult to stay optimistic amidst all these realities especially if it seems the dreams are far-fetched. For most people, behaviors become distorted and minds become biased.

It’s quite easy to loose hope when there’s all the reasons for it. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

The simple question…”Is the glass half empty or half full?” is a common phrase with a deep meaning. You see, what we see in our lives depends on how we see it. It depends on our perspective. What you see is what you get

If you see the glass as half full, it means you’re expecting it to fill-up. Now that’s your own perspective, which helps you take actions to produce the result you want. On the other hand, if you say it’s half empty, you aren’t seeing the part that is filled. Your perspective is shifted to the obvious empty part which makes you believe the odd surpasses the even.

Well again, which ever way you choose to think/see it, you’re absolutely right! But just know that your perspective influences your life.

FDEB70EE-7DFF-4BBA-B1B9-D649E2447359-1221-000001BFB6FF776EThere are those who look at life from the angle that things will work out for them. They choose to see opportunities in every problem. There’s also those who see the bad in every situation and believe nothing is going to work for them. Whichever way, you’re describing yourself and the way you perceive life and whatever you believe produces your result.

Science has proven that it’s far healthier and happier to be optimistic than pessimistic. Expecting the best outcome gives you the opportunity to be expansive. It opens you to new ideas, new opportunities and possibilities, and helps you look to the future with evolving realities rather than be trapped by negative emotions and failure. You view failure not as the end, but the means to the end. Which requires you to see new things, grow and evolve.

The truth is, both optimism and pessimism are contagious. Consequently, I’d say anything that’ll drain your energy, avoid it!! If you’re trying to stay positive, you don’t need to stay around negative vibes. Those people who complain the hell out of everything and see every single thing wrong with the world.

You need all the positive energy to be happy, healthy and go after your aspirations. Ease up with life. It’s not that serious!

I like to look at the glass as half full. How do you view it?


Jessica Hugo


27 thoughts on “Half empty or half full?”

  1. I always do my best to be positive where I can, it’s not always easy, but I try. I find it easier to be positive in some areas of my life than others, but I imagine that’s true of everyone.
    You’re right that it’s easier to be positive if you’re around positive people, they give you a boost.


    1. Our perspectives influence our lives. We think and then we act. However you choose to view the glass is all up to you. Either ways you’re right. If you think you can, you can! If you think you can’t, you’re still absolutely right!


  2. I think it depends on whether you’re filling it or emptying it… What I like to do is be prepared for a “worst case” scenario, and once that’s out of my mind I focus on working towards a positive outcome 🙂

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  3. I am a positive person. I like to incline towards positive vibes, notions, gestures, opinions etc. So i see the glass half full. it tells me that i must be doing something right and so i will get the glass full eventually if i keep it at. And like you said, life is not that serious. I personally don’t like it when people are acting so serious. It doesn’t mean you should play away but just do what you have to do within your power and don’t tight the world to your chest!


    1. I’d rather see the good more than the bad. This helps me to believe that I’ll get through whatever situation there is. And that’s motivation to me. Seeing the bad more than the good is rather demoralizing & dat could lead to depression, anxiety, etc. but like I said, our perspectives influences our lives and from whatever angle you view from, ure right and it produces your result.
      Thanks for your comment


    1. Whichever way, you’re right. Your perspective forms your opinion & belief which affects your outcome either ways. I tink it’s always better to look at it as half full. But hey! I mean… if it works for u, y not? Thanks for commenting


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