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3 Wittiest misconceptions about blogging I’ve come across.

I really don’t know how I started blogging. As in… I can’t explain. But I know I’m very passionate about writing. Writing is my thing. But somehow, I kept loosing all the stuffs I wrote. I didn’t have a platform to share them so I ended up shoving sheets into different areas of the home ‘for safety’ and thats how they got misplaced and lost.

So I thought having a platform where I could actually publish my writings, share and interact with others, and give out value where people can actually benefit from, will be a great idea & so…here we are!! I’m not quite sure I want to tag along that “blogger” name, I’d rather stick with “writer” because blogging involves writing right? And that defines me. For me, this isn’t just blogging. It is inspiredwriting.


Entering the blogosphere has really opened my mind and  I must say, I’ve learnt a lot. However, some people perceive blogging in another light and that’s what I’m going to talk about here. You need to grab some popcorn and settle into your comfliest PJ and couch cos this is going to be interesting.

First, you’re excited about telling/ introducing someone to your blog site and the person goes…”Oh…This Linda Ikeji things?” And I’m like… ” blogging isn’t equal to Linda Ikeji na haba!” I write differently. A lot of others do too. I don’t do celebrity gossip and general news. I don’t feel comfortable writing gossips. Everyone creates their own content. This is mine. Perhaps when i’m done writing this, I’ll go back to review this topic cos this isn’t funny at all.

Some of the misconceptions are;

It’s all about the money: Some people assume everyone who blogs is about the money. Oh well, trust me on this, people who start blogging for the sake of money alone don’t last. They just whitter away cos success isn’t instantaneous. It is passion for what you do that drives you. Don’t get me wrong. At some point, you may like to get rewards for your hardwork through monetizing which isn’t bad at all but the core purpose is PASSION. Otherwise, you’ll feel de-motivated easily because it-is-harrrd! Which brings me to the next point.

Blogging isn’t hard: Some people actually think blogging is easy. Is it not just to write and post? That one on its own isn’t even easy sef. If you think blogging is easy, please think again. From topics, to building that topic, doing the actual writing, proof-reading, editing, creating post-cards or suitable images, before publishing. And then the main one, promoting it. Quality content alone doesn’t sell itself. You have to put it out there and invite the audience. Creating content and keeping your site updated isn’t ABC.  Seriously.


It’s a waste of time: Many have created careers out of blogging, businesses have been borne through blogging and some people still assume it’s a waste of time? Now this is funny. Although some people use blogging as a means of showcasing their creativity, a lot of people are really passionate about helping others through blogging. Awarenesses have been raised, tips on health, fashion, food, lifestyle, self-improvement, techies etc are being learnt, people are learning about different places and cultures too.  Knowledge is power and so I debunk this misconception.

I really find them funny. Life is about adding value isn’t it?

Are there other misconceptions about blogging you’ve come across? Please leave me your thoughts.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo


50 thoughts on “3 Wittiest misconceptions about blogging I’ve come across.”

  1. These are definitely misconceptions and I was shying away from the blog title as your are, but now embrace it. Another misconception is that bloggers are subject matter experts at what they are blogging about. Some blogs take a group learning approach and are made for interaction so that you can learn with the author or at least offer different viewpoints.

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  2. I agree – a lot of people assume that when you have a blog, you have some kind of monetary goal linked to it and that blogging is about money. This has not been my experience at all, nor is it the case for most of the bloggers I know in real life. You have to have a passion for writing if you want to have a consistent blog – it’s not about money! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You’re right Tracy, it’s not just about money, your passion is the fuel that keeps you running. Although at some point of course, earning reward for all the hardwork becomes necessary.


  3. You are so right Jessie
    These are the misconceptions people have about blogging. They think its all about writing and posting ans everyone can do it. Another misconception they have is that it is cheap and that we don’t spend anything on blogging. I don’t even want to explain that one because you and know its not.
    Nice write up dear
    I hope it will be an eye opener to others


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  4. I agree with everything you said here! The first time I told people I’m into blogging, they always say “you’ll get good money from it!”, then other’s would say, “oh it’s just writing, that’s easy and you’ll earn good money.” Gladly, I haven’t heard someone told me it’s a waste of time!

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  5. Yea it’s true. And people make some income out of blogging definitely. Saying it’s a waste of time or of no use isn’t true bcos people learn from it, create and add values to their lives.


  6. One thing people don’t understand is that blogging is a full time JOB. People assume that since bloggers usually work from home, or are their own bosses, they aren’t really ‘working’. Whether a blogger is earning or not, a passionate one like you said, spends all his/her time either working on the blog or thinking of ways to make it better.

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  7. I agree with all your misconceptions you pointed out. Blogging requires passion and a lot of work not just to write and market, but to brainstorm and research!

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  8. OMG yes people think that blogging is easy. It is so much work that has to be put in but if it is something you love then its not so bad. And the money making sure does not happen over night.

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  9. I hear you on this! Totally true, I hear that all the time, oh I should start blogging is sounds so easy, like what we do is work, yes I am passionate about blogging doesn’t change the fact that it is work. I think we all hear you are wasting your time. At the end inner blogging world I feel like we understand each. Thanks for sharing this!

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  10. Yep. Totally agree. I honestly had NO IDEA how much work it takes to blog (ESPECIALLY PROMOTING OMGGGG) before I started doing it. De-bunking these myths is super helpful!

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  11. Hah, these all had me cracking! It is hard work and it is time and dedication being poured into what we do, but it’s all worth it in the end. And how great is it to grow a blog through all the painful beginning stages into a beautiful, successful project?


  12. For me point 2 is the major one! You write, then re-write, then edit, then proofread, then edit again, then give someone with a critical eye to read, then edit again, then look for appropriate images, then try to post, then wait for Etisalat or Glo to behave themselves, but they don’t, so you lose the draft, and try to post again, then go on Instagram/social media (and turn yourself into a madwoman with all the #linkinbio! #newblogpost! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!


    Good, good times 🙂

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  13. Omg!! Lol that part of pls like/share is crazy. Constantly bugging your contacts. And it’s sad what this network providers. Sometimes you have to start all over and taking the pains to type. But it’s all good. If we make an impact at d end of the day then it’s all worth it. Thanks Oma..


  14. Hmmmm…i have to comment on this one. Promotion sucks big time. Sometimes even when you tell someone personally by word of mouth to subscribe, they don’t how much more a larger audience you can not see. The past few post i have deliberately ommited the “pls share/subscribe” goodbye phrase. It was beginning to sound clumsy…lmao
    But yea, the passion is what drives us and so no matter what you have to go through to put out a post and get people to come and read it, the ultimate joy is in seeing those views and likes and shares. Because of passion there will always be something to write about but ultimately, i believe that whatever your hands find to do, do it well. So yea…it therefore requires hardwork to do it well.

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  15. Reblogged this on Chatdeseablog.com and commented:

    Well am just starting the whole “blogging” thing and I hope that the difficulties in blogging so to say don’t discourage me, I’m mostly interested in getting ideas to start up a small production business and I was hoping to get them here. And I will need some encouragement from you guys a lot, thanks.


  16. I am glad I got to start blogging on the right foot, I thought it was something easy but I will have a re-think about it and put my head together to get what I actually desire from blogging, hope I can get some ideas about production of wares to commence a small business of my own not necessarily to make money through blogging.


    1. That’s a good one, you only need to find bloggers who share same interest and learn/network with them so you can grow as well. The blogosphere provides a place where people learn and share valuable information so it’s left for you to work it out the way you want. Wehdone and all d best on your journey.

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  17. hi! I noticed all your post are so good… I’d like to ask a favor to help me to improve my skills in blogging. You can visit my blog charliekeinth.wordpress.com , I accept any suggestions and comments. I started blogging a few days ago, I appreciate any help. thanks!


  18. Couldn’t agree more! Especially with your last point that blogging is not a waste of time. I would like to believe that blogging actually enhances one’s communication skills and exercises a person’s creativity. It’s not just a “hobby” or “interest” one can look down on, in fact, I would like to see it as a form of art or skill as well. 🙂

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  19. These are definitely some of the biggest misconceptions about blogging. There’s a few more but you covered the big ones.

    Jessica | itsamomslife.blog

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