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The one thing you need to become more attractive.

The core of manifesting is how we feel. Whatever we feel on the inside reflects on the outside. When you feel gloomy,sad and all frustrated, you express some kind of unattraction. When you look at your outward circumstances and they aren’t producing your desired results, you start feeling badly. This happens to almost everyone.

Sometimes the mind is our prison. Or rather, we’re the prisoner of our own mind. We feel a certain way because of all the things we’ve summed up right in there and it begins to project on the outside. If you feel inadequate and underwhelming, it produces your reality. You become your own worst critic and judge yourself unfairly. You assume, you doubt and you beat yourself up all the time. These qualities make you seem  unattractive because ofcourse no one wants to be around anyone who always projects negativity whether you mean it or not.

D59EE551-79FE-4C9F-AA10-9D642C8FF7A2-382-00000093B039712D_tmpThe mind… your mind. Your mind can be your friend or your foe. You can train your mind and master it as a tool to conquer all your unattractive beliefs. Your thoughts create your reality and so becoming more attractive starts with your mind. On the inside. Whatever you feel on the inside, you attract and it becomes your reality.

Your smile is a reflection of your feeling from the inside which makes you look attractive.physically. When you learn new things, your knowledge increases and you project intelligence. And you become more attractive because people love to associate with intelligent people.

I’ve realized that one effective way to deal with unattraction is to shift your focus to the things that make you feel good and do your best not to overthink everything.

You can start now to direct your attention and energy to the perspectives that can make you feel better and Improve your mood. I’m not saying you should ignore the problems, I’m just saying, when you feel better, you can be in a better position to intuitively know what to do. You may have struggles, have made mistakes, etc. But you accept your flaws, you love yourself,  forgive your self and others and remove every belief that doesn’t empower you.

A3EDC5CD-036B-4913-82AA-5E71516C7102-382-00000093487EC64D_tmpTo become more attractive is from the inside. Your mind. Get rid of negative thoughts, build your confidence and appreciate all the beautiful things about yourself. To attract your reality, conceive it in your mind. whatever the mind conceives,it can achieve .

You become what you think about and focus on and it’s all in your mind. Your center of imagination & creation.

You’re beautiful in and out.


Until next time,

Jessica Hugo


66 thoughts on “The one thing you need to become more attractive.”

  1. Totally agree! Its all about being happy and healthy from the inside, then it will show on the outside! A smile is so attractive!


  2. This is one nice article you have shared, especially freeing your mind from negative thoughts and thinking is one better way to feel more attractive.


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