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5 signs you have a mediocre mindset and how to deal with it.

The mind is the faculty which serves our thought-processes, judgements, consciousness and perception to life. It is the center of our reasoning and thoughts. And so the way you reason and perceive life forms your mindset and your beliefs. You make assumptions, feel or do certain things based on that belief which becomes your philosophy of life.


A mediocre mind believes that intelligence, talent or personality is fixed. People with growth mindset see their qualities as things that can be developed through determination and dedication. They believe being intelligent or talented is just a starting point and to make accomplishments, one has to passionately practice, learn and make efforts.

You may have a vision in your mind right now, something you’ve always had in mind to do but have been putting off for several reasons best known to you. Maybe it may take a long time to accomplish but atleast it’ll give you a sense of direction to something you really care about and that will make you happy and fulfilled. Never limit yourself based on the assumptions in your mind. Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge.

You have a mediocre mindset if:

You have a myopic view of yourself. If you view yourself as being small or too small, being narrow-minded and not bothering on long-term goals. You focus more on the small stuffs. Your vision is limited and you can only think of short-term goals.

Have a feeling of inferiority. Lack of self-worth. Constantly feeling you’re not measuring up to standards. You feel insignificant/unimportant.

Think yourself as someone who cannot do something before you can. This is like feeling unqualified/unacceptable. You always rule yourself out of a task as ‘cannot’ before even attempting. The truth is… You may not know what you can do until your strength is challenged.

You’re satisfied with the average mentality: Example, a college student who’s always satisfied with a pass “E” rather than strive for better scores. If you’re satisfied with where you are now, if you’re comfortable with your present status, that means you’ve stopped dreaming.

You easily give up on tasks. Anyone with a mediocre mindset rarely complete tasks. They’re initially excited about it expecting quick results. And when it’s not forth-coming, they seek for other short-cuts and eventually give up totally.

We may have thought ourselves unremarkable at some points, we’ve all felt that under-achieving feeling. The good news is, we can be excellent and exceptional. We can go all the way and dream big dreams and not be average. You’re not stuck where you are except you decide to be . It’s okay to feel mediocre but it isn’t okay to be mediocre.

B342B040-984F-487C-B98F-4F46BDF08740-226-000000D0DB856D80_tmpWhat are the ways to deal with mediocrity?

Say I’ll change by:

Setting goals: Not just short-term goals but long-term too. Living a fulling life isn’t about just being famous and super-rich. Atleast not generally, but living in alignment with your values. Your goals should reflect your core values. The things you love to do, where you’d like to be in 5/10/20years time. if your goals don’t challenge you, they ain’t big enough

Develop selfconfidence in yourself and abilities:  This is an internal action and choice one makes. To develop your self-confidence, you need to believe in yourself. Identify your areas of strength and leverage on them. When you begin to demonstrate your abilities, you begin to feel pleased with yourself which nourishes your emotions.

Strive for excellence: By working diligently at that. We’ve been given natural abilities to reflect our purpose and the empowerment to do that.We owe it to God to develop and realize them. Don’t settle for anything less than you have been given. Improve and act on that.

Dare to be different, don’t keep up with the jonse’s. We tend to be mediocre when we feel we aren’t measuring up to standards. Who sets the standards? What if you’re the standard? If everyone is doing the same thing then the majority might be average. Only a few are exceptional. Be in that number.


Recognise your fearbased thoughts and fight them: fear is what keeps us from soaring. Fear creates a false image of invincibility. It magnifies problems and creates doubts. Replace your fears with faith. It’s all in our minds and thoughts. If you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, then you can begin to attract positivity.

The sun rises not to be mediocre but to shine; so should you ~ Mayshona Dhliwayo.


Jessica Hugo.


21 thoughts on “5 signs you have a mediocre mindset and how to deal with it.”

  1. I think most of it stems from low self-esteem. There are people I’ve come across that have brilliant minds but they don’t push themselves because of low confidence 😦


    1. Yes, most times feeling mediocre feels like lacking confidence in yourself thereby placing boundaries on the things you can do. It also shows off in the form of being comfy in that safe zone where one isn’t willing to push & explore.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post. I agree with you that setting goals is important. It’s only with goals that we gain a sense of direction and a purpose to work hard for 🙂


    1. Congratulations! Having a growth mindset is dynamic. It means you keep learning and developing & improving. Most times, we come from a place of the ordinary ( mediocre) to the extraordinary.
      Thanks for reading!


  3. Love the dare to be different.. This is a great post – I don’t think many people think about this but once you know it gets you thinking. I enjoyed reading this.


    1. Awwhhh… thanks for reading Tee, happy you found this interesting. Yes dare to be different and walk your own path! It’s easy to feel insecure about yourself but hey that’s why you’re created unique. You don’t necessarily have to join the bandwagon. You have your own purpose.


  4. Yes!! There is so much truth to this article. Especially about being different and setting your own standards. I feel like we can get too caught up in what’s on social media and start comparing our achievements to others, but this is such a great reminder!!


  5. Excellent post about a subject which is hardly ever discussed! I agree with the above comments that it all stems down to low self esteem and confidence levels. Great read!


    1. Thanks so much. Everything is in the mind. The way you feel about yourself shows. And the truth is, we are actually bigger than we think we are. We just have to believe in ourselves.
      Thanks for your comment.


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