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7 effective ways to fine-tune your potential and turn it into a unique asset.

So you discovered you have a great singing ability, or you’re a good dancer, perhaps outstanding in sports/athletics, or in acting/drama, writing/public speaking, creative drawing & painting, whatever it is that is a raw talent deposited in you.

Many times, the things we’re most drawn to and that we receive the most compliments for, are a pointer to a raw talent we possess, and they’re the things we’re enthusiastic and passionate about. Yet most times, they haven’t really been harnessed.

No doubt, everyone possesses some sort of talent but it is sometimes challenging to fully harness it and turn it into a unique asset. You can be a fantastic singer but only during shower times in your bathroom.We can actually finetune our talents successfully and benefit the world too.

Once I discovered my passion for writing and inspiration, I have continuously worked on myself and it is one of the reasons this blog was created. All around us are people who need our love, our courage, perhaps a little nod or a pat on the back. Use your talents to bless them.

Your talent is a gift from God and what you do with it is your own gift to Him ~ Leo Buscaglia.

There’s a value on your talent. Awaken it!


In this post, I’m  going to share 7 effective ways to finetune your potentials into a unique asset.

• Number 1, Learn the skills necessary to help you harness those talents: For example, if you’re talented in singing, take some singing classes, join singing groups, partake in vocal training/co-ordination, read & study books on music.

Practice: Practice makes perfection. If you don’t practice, you can’t improve & fine-tune your skills. Yes the talent is there, but you’re not going to be your best or fully harness your potentials without practicing constantly. Hard work will always beat talent where talent is left to little or no use. Practice will enable you improve on your work.

Seek mentors/those ahead of you in the craft: No one knows it all. Believe me, you don’t have all the answers. Seek counsel from those ahead of you in that craft. Not by copying or trying to be like them, but learning from them, including their mistakes.Seeking guidelines and major insights into all it takes to make you successful in that area of interest.

Challenge yourself: Don’t always confide yourself to your ‘safe’zone. Challenge yourself by setting daily/weekly/monthly goals no matter how small or big. To make achievements, one has to set him/herself free from imaginary boundaries.

Believe in yourself: You need to connect to your true self and feel comfortable being the person you were created to be. You need to know your core values, strengths & abilities, and align with your intuition. You need to believe that you’re capable of doing something and you’re worth it. With a mental attitude such as this, whatever you believe you can do, you can!

You have the power within your reach to create what you desire.

Volunteer/Share your knowledge: In life, it isn’t what you know that matters. You can know everything and stick  all up in your head and still remain the same. It is actually what you do with that knowledge that matters.

One way to fine-tune your skills and improve your knowledge is by sharing that knowledge by having genuine human interactions. Whether in writing, public speaking, acting, whatever means. When you volunteer to participate in any activity where your skill can be useful, you’re able to research and train yourself better thereby expanding your knowledge and you’re equally practising too. This helps you grow and become better in your skills.

• Lastly, It is rewarding to pursue personal development. It is a lifelong process and a way to assess your skills and qualities and consider your life goals in order to realize and maximize your potential. It brings benefit both to you and to others. Embrace it.

If you were inspired by this post, don’t hoard it. Share it and let others benefit too.

Leave me your thoughts and also connect with me.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo



11 thoughts on “7 effective ways to fine-tune your potential and turn it into a unique asset.”

    1. You’re so right Lanae, finding mentorship is so hard but you can always reach out to those whose work you admire & aspire to be (even better than) and build a network/connection. Ask question & share your challenges. You’d definitely be learning a thing or two.


  1. “Research has shown that optimism, strengthens the immune system and improves mental health.” Very true!

    A relevant yet important post
    Very well written, it was like reading my life mantra. Positivity is key.


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