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Best ways to become more positive in life

We don’t have control over certain occurrences or situations. Life isn’t all perfect and no one has it all figured out. Challenges arise, pain, etc.     What we certainly have control over is how we choose to react to those circumstances and what energy we decide to focus on.

Even amidst the most difficult situations, we can choose to look at the brighter side of life with hope and optimism. To recognize those struggles yet trust our journey.

Being positive isn’t about acting like life’s all perfect and you got it all put together. It’s about believing in the power of courage and believing in better days to come and trusting the process. Life really doesn’t have to be perfect to be lived and enjoyed.


Negativity focuses on the bad of every situation but every bad thing has a good side, which negativity doesn’t see. It’s your choice to either be a positive thinker or negative one. But why choose to defeat yourself when you can actually rise above your challenges?

Research has shown that optimism, strengthens the immune system and improves mental health. While pessimism breeds fear. Though everyone at some point in life has that tendency to be afraid in certain situations or even have some doubts, (as human that we are). Pessimists always just concludes to the negative and make excuses. They’re also more prone to anxiety  and depression, while the positive thinker tends towards being more happier.


Its either you choose inspirational, positive thoughts which affects your outlook and outcome in life ( based on your attitudes, perceptions and approach to certain life issues) or defeat yourself by feeding on negative thoughts. Don’t fall in that trap!

While in any life struggle, rather than stay sad and gloomy, we can choose to be hopeful and focus on the good side which in turn attracts positive energy and outcomes. In physics, I was taught that “Like Charges attract, unlike charges repel”. Here are 4 Simple tips for positive living.

If you want to have a more positive mental attitude and become a better positive thinker, Here are 6 best ways how;

Surround yourself with positive people: In life, we all have those pessimists and cynical people and also those optimistic and dynamic people. Spend more time with those that’ll inspire and encourage you rather than those that will feed you with fear, discouragement and make you depressed.

I have insecurities of course.But I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me. ~ Adele

Change your mindset: Practise positivity, form a mental picture of you already being successful and living your dreams. As you visualize the picture, it’ll help you work towards it.

If you can think it, you can do it”. If you can see it, you can be it“.

your mindset determines your behavior and your outcomes. Shift from the downbeat to the upbeat.

Set goals: If you have nothing to work towards to, what is the essence of life? Are you existing or living? Setting goals and having ambitions make life worthwhile. If there’s no destination, what’s the journey?

Use selfaffirmations: Negative self-talk doesn’t help anyone. Sometimes, you have to be your own sunshine. You have to be your own motivator and affirm positive things for your life. E.g ” I can do it”. ” It is well with me”. Rather than make excuses when things go wrong, you can affirm…” I’m bouncing back stronger and better”. You don’t neglect the problem, you face it up with positive, constructive perception, attitude and determination.

Practice gratitude: Sometimes we tend to focus more on the liabilities and take all other good stuffs life has given us for granted. If we think deep, there are the ‘little’things we don’t even notice. Count your blessings.

Encourage others: Encouraging others will also help you become more positive. It’s a win-win position. As you encourage others, you learn and become more confident. You develop attitudes that portray your positivity which makes you more positive.

There’s always a silver lining, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel however the light comes. Look for opportunities in every situation. We can use our setbacks and challenges as springboards to new achievements and successes.

It is far healthier to be positive than negative. Be positive!

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Until next time,


Jessica Hugo


15 thoughts on “Best ways to become more positive in life”

  1. It makes sense that if stress can hurt your immune system then optimism can help it. I’d never thought of that before though. Lately when I get stressed I’ve been using self affirmations and it’s been working wonders. Good post!


  2. I needed to read these affirmations. My biggest takeaway was “practice gratitude”. I’ve found that my mood instantly improves once I began to think of all the things that are going right in my life.


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