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7 Epic ways to end your day just right.

I did a post on A good way to start a good day. , which were useful tips on starting  your day right. But I felt it would be incomplete if I don’t also share tips on how to end the day right. We can literally start in a way to have a great day but then before retiring to bed, how do we end it rightly? By the way, I also shared 6 awesome ways to sleep better. You definitely need to read that. Very insightful post I must say.

Sleep helps rejuvenate the body and gives it the necessary energy for the next day. But before you retire to bed, what you do within the few hours will help you mentally, physically and otherwise. In this post, I’m going to share 7 epic ways to end the day just right:

Finish all your work/duties atleast 2 hours prior to bedtime. This will help you have some time for relaxation and to clear out your mind before you go to bed. If you have unfinished duities or don’t finish quite in time, you may have trouble sleeping as the ” racing mind” syndrome will distort your rest. Review your schedule/to-do list, set-out your clothes, clear out all communication.

Find a book/article/magazine and read: Whether a religious book, an inspirational one or barely for entertainment, reading anything interesting/insightful/motivational  before bed-time will help you relax. It’s easier to fall asleep reading.

2b23304c-9600-4f2b-aa8d-acf12f295bd7-1657-00000213e803ff18_tmp• To end the day positively, think about something out of the day to be thankful for. There’s always, always something to be grateful for. It could be for the weather of the day, your kids/family, your job, something!

Meditate: This is always necessary to either start the day right or end it. It helps you to relax and to sync with your inner self or a higher force. Whether in the form of Yoga or a communication (prayer) to God, it is great to have time to self – reflect & find serenity. It also helps you plan better.

Stay away from heavy meals atleast 2 hours before bedtime. Nutritionists/ Health Practitioners advice supper be eaten  atleast by 7pm and to eat lightly. Heavy meals at night may cause indigestion, heart- burn, etc. Besides you may wake up pretty exhausted in the morning and this isn’t your goal is it?

247717cb-0a0e-44cd-a3d0-144ec93a0557-1657-000002147c5ef0d5_tmpA little exercise, something to relief muscle tension and help stretch our body just before shower and bedtime will be excellent. Sometimes our jobs make us seated in front of a computer all day or even stand for the most part, attending to customers or clients. Just a little exercise will be help end the day just right.

Have a bedtime ritual:  Set a reasonable time to go to bed everyday. Put away every form of distraction including your TV and phone. To end the day right, be sure to sleep early enough to be able to achieve between 7 and half to 9 hours of sleep needed for optimal function.

So there you go guys, hope you found these tips useful? If so, please share and bless a heart using the share buttons below.

Are there other ways you end your day positively you want to share? Please leave me your thoughts and don’t forget to connect with me on social.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo


40 thoughts on “7 Epic ways to end your day just right.”

  1. I really enjoyed this. I have a hard time with getting ready to go to bed and then I remember a whole list of things I need to do before I go to sleep. It creates an uneven sleep schedule and is not healthy for my body I’m sure. I’m gonna make a conscious effort to apply these to my daily routine!

    Tayler Mae


  2. Great great post!! As a parent of small kids, I feel it is important to stress these points for them too, especially the use of data! Wonderful advice 🙂


  3. All great advice, I really need to start switching off my electronic devices longer before bed. I’ve stopped taking them to bed with me but having that bit of ‘down time’ with a book would be a much nicer way to end the day.


    1. We’re all work-in-progress NG, it’s hard sometimes to not eat when we want even if it’s at night but with daily conscious efforts, we can stick to our principles.
      Thanks so much for reading hun & contributing


  4. I used to practice a good bedtime routine, over the years have fallen out of the habit. Thank you for the inspiration to get back on that routine.


  5. Great post! I have recently created my evening routine but it’s still a little hard to stick to it. I usually only do few of the things I planned, for example, read a book and put in a hair mask.


  6. I agree with you about not eating at least two hours before bed. My husband eats/snacks right before bed and he has really bad heartburn and doesn’t sleep well. He’s tossing and turning and is very miserable. It keeps me up at night too 🙄


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