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9 Little known ways to boost your mood in 2mins or less.

You can always have a great day. A fantastic one. But everyday isn’t the same and for some reasons, some days might just turn out bad. There are bad days that could put us in some kinda bad mood too. Perhaps an unfavorable job interview, an annoying colleague at workplace, a stranger who just picks at you randomly. Life sometimes suck. But hey…there are little known ways to improve your mood in just two minutes or less regardless and I’m going to share them with you here and now. Join me…

Just smile; yea force a smile. Just for 60seconds only. I know… it’s a difficult thing to do in a bad mood but if you want to switch up your mood, just do it. You’re going to feel happier because your brain is going to interpret it as you being happy. It’s a trick that works pretty well trust me.


Chew gum: Throw a gum into your mouth and chew it. This promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. (Don’t chew for too long though).

Reflect on your best self: You know your best qualities, whatever they are. E.g bold, confident, beautiful, smart, calm, etc. To switch your mood, remember your best self and re-assure yourself on them. This will make you feel better.

Jump around/dance/listen to a happy song: This is an instant mood booster. Turn on the music and put on your dancing shoes. It’s not you that will come & be vexing. Lol. You don’t need to know the lyrics or have a great voice. Just blab whatever you can and dance shoki.

Eat some delicious chocolates: Haha..This is synonymous with the ladies. Ladies love chocolates and chocolates love them and makes them happy too. Switch your mood instantly by putting some chocolates into your mouth. (Let me know how it goes).

Count your blessings/celebrate your good times: Don’t dwell on the situation or feel bad about yourself all day. Switch on your positive side by remembering your good/happy moments, that time  you reached that goal, those things you can be proud of, all things to be grateful for. Look at your pictures, be grateful for all you are. This should brighten up your mood.

Dress up: So you’re having this low self-esteem day, dress up! Psychology says there’s a correlation between looking good and feeling good.

Take a little walk: Get some sun, moon, fresh air, anything. Just get outside and breathe. Look for any pleasant distraction.

Ok vent! Perhaps you’ve done everything and you still not feeling better. Vent! No-no not to aggravate your situation but a way to let out your emotions. This is just to help you heal so take it calmly.

Hope you found this post useful? Don’t forget to share. You might just bless a heart with this.7a62d65f-bca3-4a72-addc-16720e246724-214-0000000de492500e_tmp

Do you have other ways of lifting your mood which works for you? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo



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