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7 great personal Development tips you should know about.

Personal development is a set of actions you take to make yourself a better person.  It isn’t basically about the outward appearance, it encompasses your overall personality both inwards and outwards. It involves physical & mental wellbeing, lifestyles, your identity, modesty, thought- processes, sociability, etc. It is a continuous conscious effort.

Personal development can help one set better goals and reach their full potential. It transforms you into someone better to face the challenges, complexities and competitions we face daily in life.

At some certain point in life, whether at 16, 26, 30, 45, 72, what ever age, there would be a self-reflection and craving to become more self aware. To be connected to our inner self, to be and keep yourself happy, do good things, to listen to our intuition and the direction of our soul.

7 great personal development tips you should know about.
We all want to improve ourselves and our outlook towards life. On this journey to a better self, we have to be willing to take the steps to change ourselves. As usual, I’m going to share 7 Great  personal development tips we should know about.

Be a patient listener & keep an open mind: Don’t always be keen on being heard alone during communication. Pay attention and listen to others too. Your mental presence matters. Listen to understand, not to judge & be willing to change your view or theirs when presented with a fact. Keeping an open mind will enable you live a much more interesting & simple life without having to always pass judgement & being too critical. Listening will enable ask questions and understand better.

Be a good learner: Have the zeal to learn new things. Learn from your past mistakes, learn from others too. Always seek to improve yourself. You never stop growing in knowledge.

Be optimistic: We often become what we daily think about. Our thoughts soon become words we say and those words become things because we begin to take actions on them. If for anything, you should say good things to/about yourself. Being optimistic boosts your confidence.

Focus on your good parts and work on the parts you need to improve on. Spend more time getting better on what you’re good at than struggling to improve your weaknesses. That’s not to say you shouldn’t quit any bad habits, in fact you should. But while at it, spend more time on those things you’re good at and improve on them. Sooner or later, you wouldn’t have time for the bad habits.

Replace perfectionism; just do the right thing: We often get frustrated and quit on ourselves because we want to be perfect. If you know the right things, do them the best way you can. Learn to take charge on the things you have control over including your environment. In trying to appear perfect, we often become more desperate, anxious & even aggrevious.

Take actions/make changes: I always wonder why action is resisted when it’s needed most. But now I know…Procrastination. Putting off things that needs to get done, making it harder and scarier. Nothing is as scary and stressful as a lingering task. Start taking actions and making the necessary changes now.

Love yourself: Love and happiness comes from within. You can’t love nor appreciate love if you don’t love your own self. You are also responsible for your own happiness. Embrace yourself. Don’t be too critical of yourself and don’t let anything negative come in the way of your positivity and enthusiasm to have a better life. The life is yours to Love and live.

Always remember, even the longest and farthest of journeys, start with a single step.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo


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