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A Good way to start a Good day.

Hi guys, how y’all doing? Everyone wakes up with the intention of having a drama-free and fulfilling day but most times, this is compromised by a few things we don’t get right especially when we wake up in the morning. What you do within those first few moments can go a long way to affect the upshot of your day. It is therefore very good to start your day right and to have a good one at the end.

Some days might not be 💯 which is okay, but then it’s fulfilling, exciting, motivating and empowering to always try to make your day great. In this post, I’m going to share just a few ways to start a good day. Come on in, let’s dig in…

Make sure to sleep early enough the previous night so as to have adequate rest. It always feels refreshing waking up after a pretty good sleep. I shared 6 awesome ways to sleep better. It is absolutely insightful go see it!

Meditate: Take a few minutes for meditation. It is a great method to induce consciousness and inspiration. If you’re spiritual, a prayer to God, committing the day will be excellent for a good start.

• A little exercise: Body stretches, brisk-walking or jogging, a few minutes on the threadmill will prepare your body for the day and keep you fit.

A glass of drinking water in the morning fires up your metabolism, flushes toxins, and rehydrates you, giving you more natural energy to kick-start your day. Water is good for a healthier and happier life.

• To have a good day, you should read an inspiring article to motivate you, and also recite any of your favorite positive quotes. Speak positively to yourself, have a positive mental attitude and decree yourself a good day. Example, I can & I will, I’m going to have a great day, etc. Affirm your goals for the day with high spirits.

• Don’t forget to have breakfast! Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast. Just as the name implies, it breaks the fast. You’ll have an energy and metabolism boost, plus sharper focus to start your day. Breakfast also helps reduce crankiness.

Start your day with tasks in the order of most important. Plan, prioritize, breakdown your tasks and start with the most urgent/important.

I also shared How to have a lovely day… Make sure to read it and share your thoughts. Don’t forget to share this post too with others …there’s love in sharing. And follow me for more updates.

Now take a deep breadth, …hmmm…breathe out, aaahhh.. . smiles



Jessica Hugo


19 thoughts on “A Good way to start a Good day.”

    1. Yea Ngumabi, meditation helps a lot.
      You can start a bedtime-ritual where you try to sleep at the same time everyday & be committed to it. With time, your system would synchronize with it & it’ll no longer be much of a problem. It’s not easy I know, lol but atleast we can try.
      Thanks dear for your comment


  1. A glass of water, a little exercise, meditation. This points so resonate with me! And yes breakfast! And starting my tasks in proper order. I’m addicted to your site Jessica, your topics are so enlightening. These things happen everyday but reading them here just reminds you like a guideline & some of them even lets you in on more information.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Great tips, Jess!
    The number one morning booster is prayer. That connection with God sets me up for a great day.
    I love a glass of water and breakfast!
    Reading something inspiring also stirs me up.
    Thanks for sharing.


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