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6 easy ways to unwind, after a long day..

We get exhausted after a long day, yet we seem to gravitate towards the things that even drain us the more. We forget to take in-cognizance, our body’s need for rest and this gets us even more exhausted and less productive.

We all need to listen to our body when it says…rest! and obey. Learn 6 easy ways to unwind after a long day..

Figure out what works for you: What’s the best relaxation method for you? Taking a bath and changing into other clothes? Playing games? Yoga & meditation? Indulging in a hobby?

How best are you able to accomplish your tasks without getting too overwhelmed? Lay down your best methods and apply them. Figure out what works best for you and do those things.

Focus on the now: Take a deep breadth, relax your mind and don’t drown in the thoughts of later. Soak yourself in this moment. Now. Worry will zap your energy and you’ll waste time worrying somuch that life will whizz past you. Try not to be carried away by ‘tomorrow ‘ that you actually forget to live ‘today’.  If you understand today, you can take on tomorrow.

Leave work where it belongs…work! I.e Your office. Try not to bring your work home. No checking work e-mails, no work-related documents. You have 8-5pm to get all that fixed. Once it’s 5pm, enjoy your home.


Change what you can change, Let go of the rest. Time is short! This is yet another truth you can’t escape. If time is short, then you don’t need to go spending it on things that wrong every ounce of satisfaction and energy out of your life. Pay attention to what in your life you have some control over,(time-wise) and simply let go of the rest. You cannot come and die na. Hian!

Create an optimal environment: If your environment is soothing and relaxing, this will help you unwind. Try to create the right environment for yourself eg. Airy space, moderate temperature, perhaps quiet. Any kind of music that resonates with you. A worship song, blues, etc.

Find something positive about the day and be happy for it. There’s always a Pro for every con. Be grateful for the day.

• Just in case you’re still finding it difficult to unwind, find a comedy or TV show and merry. Whether it’s a comedy movie, show, or TV series, pick something really hilarious and laugh out loud. I like AY show, night of a thousand laughs, crack your ribs or other comedy films.

The key to unwinding is performing a good routine, feeling fresh and alive and living a life with purpose.

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Jessica Hugo




10 thoughts on “6 easy ways to unwind, after a long day..”

    1. Fantastic my dear! it’s really more stress bringing back work from the office when you already have a heap waiting @ home. Life is simple but we choose to make it complicated. Thanks for your comment Dami..


  1. Leave work where it belongs! So apt.
    These days I go to bed without my phone so I can resist the temptation of checking emails and other work-related stuff.
    Thanks for sharing, Jessica.


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