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When your lowest point becomes your turning point.

When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change~ Anonymous.

We all have the low and the high points in our lives. The low point is that moment when it seems like the world has crushed down on you. When nothing seems to be working out & life seems hopeless. When you feel your deepest pain or failure or become frustrated. Example is when you get fired from your job, loose a loved one, face challenging health issues, ending a relationship or feeling unfulfilled.

At that point, you want to cry & give up on everything. It’s okay to express your emotions, cry if you need to but at that point of your life is a crossroad. The point where you have to decide on your life. Whether to give up entirely on your dreams or draw strength from that struggle and move forward. And what you choose to do determines your end-result and that’s exactly your turning point!

You not only need strength to deal with your adversity, you need RESILIENCELet me tell you something. People deal with their adversities diffently. They go through low points, everyone does! But they use that low point to turn things around. And they bounce back even stronger.

You may fail at a thing at the first, second or even third attempt, but you don’t just throw-in the towel, you have to convince yourself that you tried enough. You pick up the lessons, change strategies if you need to, and try again.

img_3314Tyler Perry was kicked out of high school, attempted suicide twice and invested all his savings into a show that woefully failed. A big flop! He kept the production, worked odd jobs, and went on to become an extremely successful director, actor and writer. In fact, in 2011, Forbes named him the highest paid man in entertainment.

Every one knows Oprah Winfrey. One of the best TV hosts in the world, one of the richest and most successful woman too. But do you also know she had her low points? A rough child-hood, career set-backs and all. What do you do at your low points? Cry and binge-eat all day or draw strength and courage to move ahead?

I recently read the excerpts of the controversial Toke Makinwa’s  bookon becoming“, where she talked about loosing her parents in a fire accident during childhood & then going through a difficult marriage. In her terms, she has overcome her past challenges and has become Toke. She’s a very successful Media personality by the way despite all adversities.

Having a low point could actually mean good as it presents the potential for a breakthrough. Perhaps the saying, ‘every disappointment is a blessing’ is true. We do not choose our circumstances but we decide how to react to it. I talked about experiencing a low point HERE.

Have you ever turned any low point into a high point or experienced anything negative which spurred into a personal or spiritual growth? Share with me your thoughts please, inspire and encourage others too.

Some of my lowest points were the most exciting opportunities to push through to be a better person ~ Demi Moore.



Jessica Hugo


20 thoughts on “When your lowest point becomes your turning point.”

  1. I admire low points. Because they make us to think about what we have done and what we need to do. And when we think, we take actions. And when we take actions, things start to happen. We do fail at some moments. But, we rise again. Don’t lose faith. And the most important thing is, be positive even though you’ve lost everything. The sun will shine.
    I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for writing.
    Stay fit. Peace.


  2. You’re right Shubham, thoughts become things. Even at the lowest point of life, there can be a rising. Reminds me of this saying…”At the lowest point of a caterpillar, it became a butterfly”.
    Thanks for reading and contributing, much appreciated.


  3. This is something to remember! It is so easy to get caught in the moment of a low, and not be able to see past the fog! We just have to persevere, ask for help if necessary, and push onwards, because we don’t know what’s around the corner!


  4. Such a great read. Exactly what I needed right now to pick myself up and go. It’s always good to be reminded that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and this is exactly what you did in that post. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely sharing this!


    1. Thanks a lot Vany, Lows doesn’t necessarily mean we stay there & accept we can’t do or be more. It means that we should rather be inspired not to give up yet & if we keep trying, perhaps we may get to that point we wanna be.


  5. We need the lows to appreciate the highs. We all fall down now and then. The important thing is how we react to it. Do we get up? Do we survive the fall ? Do we even thrive maybe because of the fall? Thats the difference.

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  6. It ain’t easy at all but resilience! Ah, that’s deep…..I term low points as an evidence that I’m trying and I’m almost there. Thank you for the inspiration; we’ll keep striving for success if we want to be a winner #quitters-never-win-winners-never-win


  7. I can relate myself to this post so much. I’ve turned every low point in my life into something worthy and fought back against all odds. Thanks to my parents for supporting every step of mine! Great post.

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