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Recap plus 7 super tips for personal development that’ll inspire you.

Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog and a fresh new year. It’s hard to believe 2007 was 10years ago. Wow! Time flies super fast!

Remember I told you a lot people travel during festive periods to spend time with relatives or even vacay? Well, I did 😊, and it was cool. Only that there was relatively little or no network coverage and I could hardly do anything. Hopefully our service providers will improve on full network coverage (data & calls) in every area. That would be really splendid.

Let me tell you what happens at the beginning of every year, quite a lot of people make ‘new year resolutions‘. Perhaps undesired traits or behaviors they’ll like to change or things they’ll love to improve on. I shared 10 powerful things you should embrace in 2017 HERE . You definitely need to read it.

This blog is basically about inspiration, selfimprovement and lifestyle. And as I share some life hacks, I definitely learn and I hope you find them useful too. So today, I’m sharing 7 super tips for personal development that’ll inspire you. Here they are;

• The power of positivity cannot be over-emphasized. You not only need to be positive, you also need to make new positive friends as often as you can. Proper association matters. Ensure you create a network of friends and not just connections, who’d positively impact on you.

• Always strive to get better on your daily goals and aspirations. Keep developing yourself, attend seminars, listen to speeches and messages from successful people in your field or area of interest, learn from their success stories.

• Develop a reading habit. It’s amazing so much quality information, deep insights  and knowledge you can find in books. Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday.

• Be kind to everyone and show appreciation for any good deed you receive.

• Experience they say, is the best teacher. As you journey through life, learn from your experiences and other people’s, and have confidence in yourself.

• Work on getting rid of unproductive habits. Eg gossip and careless chit-chats. Think of ways to invest those times perhaps engaging in exercises to keep your brain alert and body fit.

• Life has a lot to offer. Be hungry for those and go all out. Remember to be flexible and adaptable.

You are responsible for your own growth and you can do anything you want to do if you can be committed to your goals. Read my post on Why you should commit to something in your life.

Its always the simple that produces the marvelous~  Amelia Barr.

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19 thoughts on “Recap plus 7 super tips for personal development that’ll inspire you.”

  1. these are great tips to make positive life changes! sometimes positivity posts are overly preachy and forget that mental health issues can make it more difficult to be positive. i love that this one doesn’t do any of that, it’s realistic and achievable ways to make your life more positive. definitely bookmarking for future reference, thanks! xo


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