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Guest Feature: Precious Nkeih, on blogging and Inspiration.

We had a chat with Precious Meshi Nkeih, US-based Cameroonian food/lifestyle blogger.

Now here’s what blogging does, you get to meet so many amazing people and get to share knowledge as well. She shares with us, her blogging Journey and inspirations. Please relax and enjoy!


  1. What inspired you to start blogging?

God inspired me to start blogging. I know it may sound weird but it was totally in the place of prayer that I felt greatly convicted to “write”. When I think about it, my eyes water because though I have the innate ability to write, writing was not a priority on my list of to-dos. But when I knew God wanted me to write, I jumped online and sought ways to begin a blog. I eventually started a free blog on blogger.com. And I tell you, it’s been an interesting journey so far.

2: How has blogging impacted you?

With blogging, I have grown in more leaps and bounds than I can imagine! My writing has greatly improved. Somewhere along the line, I noticed I had to get a DSLR camera to take better pictures. I got one and I’m learning photography everyday and growing. I have also learned more technology than I ever wanted to. All I wanted to do is write. But it turns out I also need to know the technical aspects of running a website. I also need to know how to promote my posts on social media so that’s a bit of social marketing I’ve learned there.

I have equally met a lot of amazing people through blogging. I have reconnected with old school mates- people who saw my post or video then remembered me from the good old days and decided to reconnect with me. I have made awesome friends who also blog like me.

And probably the most important thing blogging has done to me is that it affords me the opportunity to stay home with my kids and work.

  1. Have you had challenges in your blogging journey?

Before, I couldn’t see any challenges but right now I can say I have had my fair share of challenges on this journey. One of them is having to learn new things like food photography. But I’m glad blogging brought me to this point, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Also, I have to deal with websites that steal whole blog posts and post on their site without any consent whatsoever from me. I mean, I can’t put in my blood, sweat and tears into a blog post just for you to copy and paste on your site. So every now and then I deal with sites like that.

4: How would you describe your blogging style?

My blogging style is just me. I mean, if you read my blog, it means you know me to some extent. I love telling naked stories. Stories that are vivid and describe scenes just as they happened. I love being vulnerable because somebody out there needs to know that they are not alone in their struggle. I love being authentic because pretending to be perfect is just tiring and in my opinion, that’s another form of slavery.

My blog is a food and lifestyle blog. I share recipes, my personal stories, tips on relationships, parenting and I also share my opinion on current events.

5: How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

God, God and God. It’s all about Him. A lot of days, I wake up not wanting to blog but His strength is made perfect in my weakness. He inspires me and reminds me why I have to blog.
I also think of all the value I give out and all the people that come constantly to get that value. That keeps me going.

6: You also have a YouTube channel, Precious Kitchen. What are your cooking inspirations?

First, I loved cooking right from when I was a little girl – I would rather cook than watch TV. And I as grew up, I wanted to completely take over cooking for the house from my mom. I have always been so enthusiastic about food. If I go somewhere and eat something I like, I ask the cook how they made it. I then go home and practice. That’s how I learned how to make a lot of dishes. And till today, I still ask a lot of food-related questions.

One person, who greatly inspired my cooking videos is Laura Vitale – an Italian lady who has a cooking show on YoTube – Laura in the Kitchen. I also love Maangchi – a Korean lady wth a cooking channel on YouTube called Maangchi. She is so much fun to watch.

Apart from those ladies, I watch a lot of cooking shows, read a lot of food blogs and I just keep cooking.

7: A lot of people would assume food bloggers don’t eat out. Do you?

Oh yes, I do eat out. I enjoy eating out with my family every now and then. It feels good to take a break from cooking and taste food made by someone else. And each time we go to the restaurant, I learn something new.

8: Where do you see your blog in three years time?

I want to have at least a book out there before three years – probably next year.

I want my blog to have a community of people that help each other, learn together and laugh together.

9: Any blogging tip for newbies?

For newbies, I would say give blogging your all. Be consistent, give out value, and keep learning on how to grow your blog and applying the things you learn. The more work you put in, the more your blog grows. You must be committed to it. You must also work hard at promoting your blog because no one lights a lamp and puts it under a table. You must manage your time wisely – avoid time wasters like social media or just anything that steals your time. Devote time to your blog.

And this point is very important: write the blog you want to read. If your blog is boring to you, then it is probably boring to your readers.

10: How would you spend your Christmas?

This Christmas, I will chill at home with my family. I will get all the cooking done before the late hours of the morning, Then we will have a special breakfast together, open Christmas gifts and just pray, play and talk.

Thanks for honouring me with this interview, Jess!
Merry Christmas!
Thanks Precious, and merry Christmas too.

Visit her blog http://www.preciouscore.com, I bet you’ll enjoy and learn new delicious recipes.

Follow me on social, and be my guest! Cheers..


14 thoughts on “Guest Feature: Precious Nkeih, on blogging and Inspiration.”

  1. Honestly, I can’t believe I missed this piece and to think it was last month is really surprising to me.
    I love preciouscore. She is one of my favorites.

    Jessica, I love this post. Very inspiring. Interviews like this is motivation to me.



    1. Awwh Brenda, thanks a lot. This blog is about motivation and I serve inspiring stories and writings. This interview was on my various social media platforms. Twitter & FB page. Am glad u didn’t miss out totally finally.
      Thanks for your comment, ❤️


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