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Does achieving Success actually have rules? Is there a blue print to success?

I’ve read many articles and journals on the rules of success. In each, it is believed that if you follow those rules, you’ll become successful. Maybe if you don’t, you won’t. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely need to emulate great habits of successful people. Perhaps, that will set us on the right direction to becoming successful ourselves.

Success isn’t chance. Successful people work so hard. But I don’t know if success comes with specific rules that everyone must follow or a single road everyone must ply. First of all, what does success even mean to you? Having plenty of money in your bank account? Achieving a healthy lifestyle? Having so many cars and assets? Living your purpose? Feeling satisfied with your job? I don’t know…

134dd13a-ed0e-4a29-b63e-c6346f0d9f07-235-000001555b84ad0a_tmpThere are many areas of a person’s life. Yourself, family, friends, work and environment. Achieving success is having a balance in all areas of  life. With this in mind, I think you would be able to define for yourself, what success means to you.

There’s no number of rules you’ll follow to become successful if you don’t believe in yourself and have a positive mental attitude. This is just the basic. However, there may be guidelines to help people become successful and reach their life goals. This is only to help people navigate life in the right path and promote good successful behaviors.

YOU have to take control of your own life, know what you actually want and work towards it. Life doesn’t come with a manual and all of success begins with YOU. Whether it’s working on self improvement, interpersonal relationships, whatever. It is You and your choice!

With daily conscious efforts, it is achievable and always remember that on that road to success are barriers and obstacles which are definitely surmountable.

If you believe you can, you can!

Do you think success has some blueprints we must all follow? Do you think there are laid-down rules we must all obey to achieve success? Please share your thoughts and let’s connect on social.





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