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Top 5 Christmas -Tradition every Nigerian must relate with.

Christmas Holiday in Nigeria is a very huge celebration for everyone especially the Christians. People travel from far and wide with their families to their respective villages to celebrate it and participate in other fun & exciting activities.

It is usually a time of merriment with plenty food and drinks, gifts-giving and sharing and events such as the Christmas carol, Masquerade dances, inter-community football cups, etc.

It is a time of togetherness in the family and community at large which promotes Love, unity and oneness.

0f8376be-9d74-436e-99c1-bf097e8339b1-790-0000026b8e4cdcbd_tmpHere are top five Christmas traditions every naija person can relate with.( If there’s any one I miss by omission or commission, please share in the comments section thank you).

Here they are:

Knockouts: This is a popular name for bangers and firecrackers.  Every Nigerian young or old, participates in this fun activity which also includes fireworks. Especially on the 25th and 31st of December being the Christmas Eve. It’s such a crazy, fun and adrenaline-filled activity. It’s a tradition and the fun part is the loud screams from passers-by and the race that follows once a banger blows up! 😂 But scary!

Christmas Rice: I’m yet to come across a family that does not prepare Christmas rice on Christmas Day. It’s such a tradition. Whether jollof, fried, however. Usually prepared in large quantities to accommodate guests and relatives who may visit that day and also share  with friends and neighbors. Its normally prepared with goat-meat, cow-meat (beef), turkey or chicken which are bought a few days before and tied in a particular spot or tree in the compound. It is a compulsory delicacy for Christmas celebration.

Christmas Cloth: 25th of December is a special day all over the world. In Nigeria, it is usually celebrated with a special cloth. As a child, I always had a new Christmas dress every Christmas which I must wear on that particular day. It was so exciting wearing your brand new cloth on that day. Even adults are not left out. Everyone shops for a Christmas wear,  it could be a custom design from ankara (our locally made fabric) or bought from a cloth-store. This tradition is sooo today! And very much relevant. No matter the social status or tribe, everyone gets a Christmas cloth. ( and perhaps, a shoe)

Parties: Usually, Kids are taken to Christmas fun parties where they receive gifts from “father Christmas” our own Santa Claus. It’s something every child looks forward to during this period whether School parties or in the parks, etc. Some companies also host their end-of -year parties too where staff-members are entertained and served delicious meals. There’s also the street/state carnivals, the most popular being the calabar carnival which starts on the 1st of December through to the 31st.  It’s such an ahhmaaaazing experience. You should come see it if you haven’t!

Decorations: Even though this is kinda done all over the world, in Nigeria, some parts use woven or unwoven palm fronts. There’s also the Christmas tree and lights used not only in homes but major streets, malls, office buildings, etc. The electric-powered human size toy Father Christmas, and the gold-color ball decors.

Oh! Did I also mention this is a time the “osha” “Omata” boys come home to display their wealth emersed the whole year? Hehe. And some of our girls look their best for prospective suitors that may show up from home and abroad. And also, the price of groceries and almost everything goes up!

What I love about Christmas is the spirit of togetherness, the gifts sharing,( please I’ve since started receiving, you could still send in yours in the spirit of Xmas 😆). The many comedy shows and music concerts that make it Lit! And oh… The harmattan weather similar to the winter but quite milder.

I love Christmas! Do you? How do you spend yours? Please share and let’s connect on social.

Merry Xmas Y’all. 😘😘

Jessica Hugo


20 thoughts on “Top 5 Christmas -Tradition every Nigerian must relate with.”

  1. Hi Jessica! 😂oh yes! The days of Christmas cloth! I haven’t bothered about that for about 5 yrs now but I always make sure to look my best on Christmas day. No knock outs this year o. Nobody has money to set on fire in this economy😂 maybe its just my area but its unusually quiet this time around.



    1. 😂😂 at no knock-outs. It’s something the kids and even young adults are yet to do without every Xmas. Me too I feel I’ve outgrown buying Christmas clothes but yea, we all wanna look revamped for the festivities. Thanks so much Evita for stopping by. Hope to see you again


  2. So true Jessica
    It’s the same here in my country
    Knockouts still exist and I’m still as scared of them
    I love Christmas rice and still ask for Christmas clothes. lol
    We all get creative when it comes to decoration no matter the means
    You are so right about the guys who return from abroad; here we call them “Bush Fallers”

    I’m spending Christmas in my hometown and it’s memory filled.

    I enjoyed reading this post my dear
    Thanks for this lovely read

    Merry Christmas in advance


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha so lovely and hilarious reading your comment NG 😂😂. We seem to have similar Christmas traditions though. Lol @ bush fallers.
      Thanks for your contribution dear, merry Christmas too. May the season bring in lots of Joy, peace, unity and progress. 🙏😇


  3. Hahaha, yass! Christmas cloth! Christmas rice! Travelling! Decorations! The whole shebang is what makes Christmas my favourite holiday too! I kept smiling through this post. Merry Christmas Jessica! ❤


  4. Christmas is the only time of the year i actually look up to and not even my birthday.. The rice is always different from others. Seems it comes with a particular aroma. As for traveling, have never done that at xmas period. Once my entire block of 8 flats had three families alone during the festive period.



    1. Seriously the rice always tastes different. But I wonder why we celebrate Christmas much more than we do Easter.
      Some people may choose not to travel though but airports and bus parks are usually filled with passengers and even those traveling with their personal cars, the road is always busy. There’s just this joy that comes with the season & ofcourse it’s all about King Jesus!
      Merry Xmas Brenda, Xo


    1. Haha. Thanks Daniella, it is indeed hilarious but so true. We Nigerians don’t forget our traditions. We must ‘shoot’ knockouts and play ‘community footballs’ & every other thing that follows. Really nice to have you here, welcome onboard! 👍


  5. Greetings! Really helpful guidance on this article! It really is the little changes
    that make the largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!


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