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2017..Are you ready? 10 powerful things you should embrace in 2017.

As the year is gradually coming to an end, it is time to look at certain things to drop & certain things to take up So as to help you achieve your dreams for next year. I know everyone’s started planning for next year, and all we hope to achieve and become. No I don’t mean those usual new year resolutions, I mean realistic goals.

When you make plans, it is equally important to imbibe certain attributes and habits that’ll work towards meeting those set goals. For me, I’m so dropping being in my confides all the time! Like… you don’t know what’s out there one can literally be missing. A lot!!

I share with you today, 10 more things you need to embrace in 2017. Here we go…


• Drop your limiting beliefs. All of it! Anything, any perception that won’t let you explore life. We need to move from our comfort zones and go out there and take up more challenges and opportunities next year. You can’t be wanting to limit yourself by accepting limiting beliefs in 2017 na. Be ready to take charge of your life instead of watching life happen.

• Every toxic, negative people in your life, time to keep them at bar. 2017 should be about positive vibes. People that’ll motivate, inspire you, people you can learn from, people that are about positive life themselves.  This also includes you to stop negative self-talk. Telling yourself you’re not good enough and feeling worthless. Keep all negative energy away.

• Let go of every past mistakes and hurt. Embrace everything new and better life can offer. It is a taboo I repeat, a taboo to carry your past baggage into 2017. Get in refreshed and renewed.

• Accept you. You don’t need a false image of yourself in 2017. What you see in the mirror everyday is who you are. Accept yourself and stop living in denial. You are you. You can live your best life only when you live as yourself instead of constantly trying to be like someone else. It’s okay to have mentors and people to look up to, but you have to be original. Pursue your own dreams in 2017.

• Drop trying to please everyone and seeking for everyone’s approval. If you’re not Nigerian jollof rice, you can’t. If you only did things in 2016 just to seek people’s validation, leave it behind. Do what is right for you, don’t let other people’s opinion control your life.

• In this turbulent economy, it’s time to get more organized! Keep a journal. Take records. We need to be more articulate in 2017. Balance sheet record o, events o. Everything worth writing down. We have to keep  our facts and figures game up and also monitor our progress as we progress.

• Healthy lifestyle. With the alarming rate of killer diseases everywhere, its pertinent to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Every unhealthy habit should not get a hold of you in 2017. I hope I’m talking to someone. Have you noticed some illnesses now have no age barrier? They now affect both young and old. E.g. HighBp and diabetes.

• Being more committed to the things that matter to us in life.  In 2017, it’s time to put more time and efforts into those things we want in life and that matters to us. Job, family, project, dreams, etc. With more commitment, you can be sure to reach it and be more happy and satisfied in 2017.

• Be more optimistic. Look up to 2017 with optimism.  Refuse to bury your desires. Optimism is a mental attitude. That confidence about what the future holds. Whatever the dreams and desire, it is achievable. Always look at the brighter side of life.

• Change plans and ways that didn’t work in 2016, in 2017. Try other ways, explore your imaginative capacity and put different ideas to work. If you don’t like 2016 result, time to tweak things up for a different result.

So guys, there you go. I do hope you found this useful. Don’t forget to share please and connect with me!

You can always readjust your sail to reach your destination.

2017…Are you ready?





13 thoughts on “2017..Are you ready? 10 powerful things you should embrace in 2017.”

    1. Yes dear, health bcos we absolutely need to take care of ourselves while pursuing our interests and stay positive while at it. To achieve it, we need to be very articulate too.

      Thanks NG for your contribution.


  1. Being more committed to the things that matter most to us! Wow! Wot a great insight. I guess I’ll grab this with both hands come 2017.
    Thanks for sharing Jessica.


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