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Letting go…

Letting go is a very difficult thing to do. Whether a toxic relationship, past hurt, circumstances you can’t control, etc. Dealing with sadness, frustrations and disappointments is very tough. Life isn’t simple, as we live each day, we may encounter some challenges. The problem is, we often hold on to it far beyond its capacity to serve us. Most times this is out of fear of the unknown and uncertainties.

Toxic people in human interrelationships are about CONTROL. They do this by constantly judging you, criticizing and oppressing you every single time. They ridicule you for everything you say or do genuinely and belittle your every effort.

The more you try to free yourself from that atmosphere they locked you, the more a toxic person will use every toxic behavior to squash you and bring you back to that “place”. That place they want you to be… contained! The longer you stay in a toxic relationship, the more you evolve into a smaller, less confident version of who you were.

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img_2736It is very unlikely they would change, nothing you do will change them except ofcourse God! Everything is your fault, you’re wrong in everything you do. No remorse, regret or apology whatsoever! The more they hurt you, the more amplified their toxic behavior. If you can’t control certain things, LET GOD.

Perhaps someone was unkind to you, or you made a bad choice in the past, you can’t hold on to it. If you allow negative thoughts feel your mind, you aren’t giving space for positive things to happen. Holding on to past grievances may cause you to become depressed, anxious and bitter. It serves no purpose. Just making your life miserable.

Look to the present. This moment. This minute. Now. Tomorrow isn’t promised, that’s why one should make the most of today. Life’s about the journey. You can’t be stuck in your past. Leave it where it belongs, PAST. And open yourself up to everything better life can offer. You can’t keep living in your past glory. There’s still so much you can achieve only if you look forward.

Everyone faces difficult situations sometimes, but what makes us different is our varying approaches to solving them. Times when you can’t control a circumstance, focus on the things you can do. Understand that you have a choice not to control what happens to you but how you react to it.

Dont waste your time and energy trying to fix what you cant. If you cant, accept it, don’t even pretend. Realize that something good will always come out of any bad situation. Perhaps it’ll make you a stronger person, and you’ll learn some valuable life lessons.

• Stop blaming yourself every other time and wallowing in self-pity.

• Forgive: Free your heart from resentments and grudges. I bet you it’s not easy.. but you should because it’s not about the other person or the situation, its about YOU.

• Live your life. YOUR life. There’s a purpose for it. Don’t fear changes, sometimes it means growth. Plan for the future and work towards achieving your dreams.

If you can’t control it, Let GOD.




13 thoughts on “Letting go…”

  1. “Why things happen will never be certain. Take it in stride and move forward”
    We must remain optimistic, be grateful for surviving some life’s hassles and that we still have our being. This is a great post Jessica 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I will add that sometimes stop blaming yourself for being in a toxic relationship. Some people keep blaming themselves for ever going into such relationship in the first place.

    I know forgiveness is difficult to handle sometimes, but its the gate way to success sometimes.

    Nice write up Jessica.


    1. Ure so right Brenda, it’s not okay to wallow in self-pity & criticism in this case. And true, forgiveness is hard but wen u understand it’s about U not any one or any situation, then that should help.

      Thanks a lot girl, 😘


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