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Anything that angers you teaches forgiveness & compassion.

Honestly I’m not the type that’s quick to anger, but anger is a completely normal human emotion. It is response to grievance & I bet you understand this because we’ve all experienced it whether in full-blown rage or passively, one time or the other.

Some situations can turn one’s eyes so red in rage that you suddenly become mentally & even physically strong to pull down a house. Anger can be hostile and will always leave behind hurt & harm if not controlled or managed.

For example, you’re on an ATM queue and someone from nowhere, jumps the queue and chooses to come and land in front of you. That alone has pushed your anger button.

I walked into the customer service unit of a certain bank one day, for enquiries. As I was about to open my mouth, the lady I met there asked me to hold on for a while, while she stared at her computer. 5 minutes later, she picked up her phone and placed a call which lasted almost 10 minutes. Then she continued staring at her desk top. The whole time, I stood there gazing at her, anger slowly building up. She hadn’t even asked me any question nor smiled at me. S-m-i-l-e!

At some point I felt like punching her face. Like…how the hell do you keep someone standing that long without being attended to while you sit and stare at your desktop? Customer service officer? I was feeling that mad at her. You know how rude & sarcastic some of them can be just because they’re sitting on the other end while you’re the one needing their service or whatever.

I took a second look at her, she probably needs help! She looked stressed and isn’t in the right mind to speak to someone, she probably had her own demons,  I couldn’t fathom what her problem was but I saw a struggle.

I’m not excusing her actions though, I’m just accepting the reality of the event and choosing rather for the sake of myself, not to succumb to that adrenaline rush.

b1b8677e-15cf-445b-8707-ce622842d149-302-0000002fa967529c_tmpCertain angry situations might make us have thoughts of revenge, resentment, outrage, sarcasm or even aggression. But anything that angers you teaches you to forgive and be compassionate. Think about why the other person has acted in that hurtful way, s/he may need help.

Forgiveness is about realising that anger doesn’t serve anything good.  Put your energy instead into looking for ways to achieve your goals. Learn toManage stress which could sometimes trigger your anger or even make the other person act that way. Ask yourself what you can learn from that situation and try to figure out if you could have been partially responsible for the situation although many times, people can literally just be annoying.

But we need to show empathy. Try to understand why the other person did what he did and put yourself in that person’s shoes.  Realize that anger can impact on the immune system and cause other mental disorders. Allow yourself to be happy and move on.

7e8b0ebe-2d0a-4553-b779-bf675b0181a4-302-0000002f89fcc174_tmpStress, abuse, overwhelming requirements of your time and energy might often contribute to a person’s anger. Sometimes people don’t even understand the cause of their anger, they just look for a scapegoat to unleash it on. It is very important to deal and manage anger and those people too.

Whether you’re the angriee or angrier, whatever the situation, be compassionate. Everyone you meet on the way is fighting their own battle.

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8 thoughts on “Anything that angers you teaches forgiveness & compassion.”

  1. The act of putting other people’s before ours can only be accomplished by divine intervention. May we all get there as we journey through life.
    Nice one


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