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Mind-the -gap.

The gap, that gap, the space in between two worlds where you either go here or there. If you mind the gap properly, then you might just get to your destination safely.

You know that feeling? Like after graduating from the university with really high hopes for the future eg landing your dream job and having a fantastic career, or maybe having a close-knit happy family with kids and none of that has happened yet, or perhaps the job you got is far from what you were aiming for. Could be you have your life already planned out and your plans zigzagged.

That gap between your aspirations and reality can either be a source of frustration or an inspiration. That ‘waiting and hoping time’ is very crucial. Your mindset and actions can help you just get there or not.

Those who use the railway especially in the United States or England or other parts of the world, you’d notice there’s always this “mind the gap” sign conspiciously written between the train door and the station platform as a caution to passengers while crossing the gap. It is to bring their consciousness to the fact that they could get into the train unharmed or not.

imageI recall vividly while waiting for my National youth service corps a couple of years ago, ok let me explain to my non-Nigerian readers, it is a one-year compulsory community development service after college, to the country and it comes with a little allowance.

As you know, this usually takes a minimum of six months or in rare cases maybe three months, sometimes even longer than a year before you get enrolled and immediately after school, that’s what everyone is hoping for.

That was a major gap for me. I been fine work taya eh just to fill the gap and all the companies kept saying…’Hey you’re good but we need someone who’s done with youth service who’d stay with us longer’. Quite frustrating believe me. I would sigh and walk away. Until I chose to help myself. How? Books! I’d busy myself with motivational books that encouraged and inspired me and before I knew it, I’d written two books myself. Unpublished but the impact to my life was ahhmaaazzing! It helped me mind that gap and stay positive. There’s always a way to mind any gap.

Your gap may currently be any dream yet to be real, an aspiration, or even a project yet to be executed. Whatever gap there is, Just like that ‘mind the gap’ sign, you can either let yourself be frustrated or be inspired by it, It’s your choice.

Be inspired! Yes you can.

Happy weekend guys,




7 thoughts on “Mind-the -gap.”

  1. Everyone at one point or the other faces situation where they are in between two things. The right thing to do for me is not to be lazy during such periods. Just find something doing. The moment you decide to stay lazy and wait for what you have been eagerly waiting for to come, you’d regret it afterwards..

    Nice Inspirational piece.


    1. Couldn’t agree less Brenda, one has to be busy while waiting to realize his or her goals but with inspiring stuffs that’ll further position you for that. I can tell you situations lik dis hav pushed some into very negative & untold stuffs. That gap is really crucial.


    1. You knw how some of dis our comedians here begin to ‘blow’? In that period of hunger, instead of getting involved in social norms, like Falz would say, lol. (believe me hunger can push one to many odd things.) They pick up their talents & begin to use it for their good. You see? They got inspired by that situation (between where they are and where they hope to be) and made the most of it.

      Consider also where you intend to make puff-puff that you’ve so longed for and found a recipe somewhere for it. Then after making yours it turned out lik buns. At that point, you can either get frustrated since your input didn’t produce your aimed result and give up or be inspired to even formulate a new method of making another kind of puff puff using that same recipe which can equally be tasty too. Or perhaps keep trying until you get your desired result. Shebi all doz recipes na person try am and start am?
      In between two worlds is a gap which we should be mindful of so as to reach our desired destination.

      Thanks Brenda for letting me throw more light. I perhaps will do a part 2?


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