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What is commitment and why should you commit to anything at all?

I feel the strong determination to strive to be better than who I was yesterday through personal development. I am committing to personal development mentally and otherwise. That’s commitment. Commitment involves dedicating yourself to something or somethings  as the case may be, a firm decision to do a cause. It is the willingness to invest your time and energy into something you believe in.

It could be graduating from the university, pursuing a career of your choice, living a healthier lifestyle, a relationship, raising your kids, business, executing a project, a dream or a goal, etc.

Commitment is serious. It is strong. It means you’re going to stick with whatever you’re committed to with strong intense and focus and you’re going to take necessary actions and obligations towards it. It’s like pledging yourself to a purpose and persisting to successfully actualise it.

imageEvery successful person in life has committed to something or a set of somethings and they have consistently worked towards achieving it and they do. To achieve even the simplest goal, it requires that we learn to commit.

Everything you’ve achieved so far sprouted from a commitment that you made- your degree, job, home, etc.

Why should you commit to something?

• If you don’t commit to something then you’ll be distracted by everything. In other words, if you don’t stand for something, then you can fall for anything. When you have clarified what you’re working towards, commitment helps you stay focused and on track and you can eliminate noise from your life.

• It helps define the meaning and purpose of your goals and gives you the drive to achieve it (or them).

• You’ll feel more in control of your life when you’re committed. It is a decision you as an individual have made and its your choice to keep those commitments or not. That’s what commitment does… Gives you the responsibility of your own life because honestly, achieving whatever your goal is, is exactly your responsibility.( actions or inactions)

• That sense of responsibility will make you work hard, sacrifice, invest, and give your all towards reaching your goals and you’ll gain momentum as you consistently progress.

• To achieve anything in life, you need to commit to something. It’s a pre-requisite for successful life so why not?

You do not need to bother about needless decisions when you’re committed. It’s not even a debate. You clearly know what you want and commitment helps you actualise it.

Now the question… How do you show commitment towards your goals? Focus & determination cannot be over-emphasized. But I want to hear your thoughts. Has being committed towards your vision or any cause changed your life? Let’s talk and please please if you liked this post, please share and connect with me!




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