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11 Simple ways to motivate yourself daily.

Setting goals is easy, but the hard part is following through to achieve them. The ability to get stuffs done when you feel like just laying on your bed or even giving up entirely isn’t quite easy. Sometimes we procrastinate and drag our feet when something really important should be done.

We all need motivation to move us along and help cross our everyday hurdles in life. That’s why Jessicahugoinspire is here (Hugs).

imageToday, I’m going to share 11 simple ways to motivate yourself when the morale is low.

Here we go…

• Start up: The time will never be right and you don’t need to see the whole staircase first. Put one feet in front of the other and refuse to feel inferior about your position. In no distant future, you’d wish you started earlier.

• Fix your eyes on your goals or end-result and be determined to achieve them. Remember why you started anyway and why you must hold on for the joy at last.

• Focus on the positive instead of the negative. Engage more in positive self-talk and make it a habit.

• Make each day count: Do things that’ll add value to your life everyday. Never waste any second.

• Don’t fear failure: Accept it as a path towards your success. Gain valuable lessons from them, re-strategise and try again. In every success, many failures have occurred. Don’t let your fear stop you.

• Don’t compare yourself with others. Be more concerned about being better and better everyday. Your dreams are valid and trust me, you- are -capable!

• Keep track with a journal just so you measure your progress and keep records. The mind can easily forget and your records will show you how well you’re progressing.

• Listen to motivational tapes, success stories,  watch documentaries and motivational movies, read books that’ll inspire you.

• Pick up your good hobbies and do them often. Anything that drives up your energy and makes you enthusiastic. When you find your passion, it gives the world a whole new meaning of who you are.

• Celebrate your little milestones and wins. It improves your confidence and motivates you. Be thankful.

• Develop a life mantra: Any positive/ motivating statement that encourages and motivates you. You can write it down boldly on a sticker note and place it on your mirror so you look at it everyday or use it as your phone’s/computer wallpaper, or even recite it in your mind when the feeling of hesitancy comes.

Now what is your Mantra?

Refuse to be a chicken when you have the capability to fly like an eagle.

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Something about strength!!


I hope you found this post useful? If so, please share and also let’s connect!




28 thoughts on “11 Simple ways to motivate yourself daily.”

  1. Success stories, podcasts, and shouting affirmations in the mirror work wonders. This article is a great reminder of all the things we need to do to stay motivated. It’s mindset over matter! Great tips.

    P.S. I can’t stick to journaling to save my life. lol



    1. Mindset over matter Natalie. 👍. Lol @ journaling to save your life. Don’t say you can’t cos you absolutely can. When you need that to actually save your life, don’t be surprised at your strength.


  2. Nice tips. I will try keep journal cause it’s always hard for me to maintain one. But, it’s true whenever I read something motivational, day go quite good. Thanks for the tips 😃


  3. My biggest motivation is physical visualization(I pull up a pick of something I desire and visualize) and my second is motivational tapes! 😀 I love Abraham Hicks or Louise Hay or Dr Dyer! 🙂 Can’t go wrong with the classics! Thank you so much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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