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7 fun ways to be more spontaneous in life.

Routine, Routine, Routine! Sameness & rigidity can become too predictive and boring sometimes. It’s true having routines can tremendously help things get done timely, but it could become static , too serious and fun-less.  Who says you should take life too serious anyway? Wouldn’t you rather loosen up a bit?What’s your typical routine like? Work-eat-sleep-repeat right? While there is nothing wrong with this, doing same thing everyday can feel too monotonous. Being spontaneous here and there sometimes can make life more balanced.

imageIt is absolutely great to have plans but life doesn’t always work out the way you planned it. One should be able to embrace change( which is the only constant thing in life by the way), flow and adapt regardless of what life serves. Life is indeed full of uncertainties which makes us stick to our plans because we are afraid of what may or may not result. With spontaneity, life could be more interesting, fun and adventurous. Nothing is as exciting as tweaking things up once in a while..

Today, I’m going to share with you, 7 fun ways to become more spontaneous in life. Here we go…

Stop trying to always be perfect: ahn ahn, but you are just human na, trying too hard to be perfect every other time will keep stealing your joy. Accept things you cannot change and move on. You cannot come and die for what you don’t know.

Let go of beliefs that limit you: There are myths and assumptions that are not true that you probably believe and that may be limiting you. Some of them instill somuch fear such that you hold back from soaring or trying new things. Do those things that scare you. Explore, take on vacations, breathe!

Spice things up: Sometimes, leave the ‘usual’ and add some tweaks then analyze the outcome.  If you’ve noticed, I do not have a static schedule what and when to post new articles, neither do I have specific time I write. Which means to get latest updates you have to follow my blog or my social media platforms or check at random. I also try to tweak the subjects I discuss about every now & then. Variety is the spice of life ain’t it? Besides, if you know what to expect every other time would you be here? Lol answer me o. It isn’t bad to have a specific blog plan or even life plan, i do plan sometimes but it is good to spice things up a bit. And just know that life doesn’t always go as planned so be ready to think outside the box.

imageDon’t always overthink it, just do it!: Sometimes doing things on impulse can be terrifying. What if… What of…etc. like acquiring a new item originally not on your list and so forth. But at the end of the day, you may be thankful you did it. Adventure is part of life, open up to new offers or opportunities.

Soak yourself in the moment sometimes: Perhaps it won’t hurt to forget about everything else and live in the moment. Sometimes we are so carried away about life that we forget to actually live it. Life is to be enjoyed moment by moment and everyday is to be a new adventure. You have to understand the present in order to take on the future.

Take on a new goal every now and then: If you set a goal and achieve it, set another and another. What drives you to wake up every morning? Who says we can’t have more than one goal and have different ways to achieve them? Try your new ideas, be spontaneous.

Add some elements of surprise: Surprises are the best part of life. It’s thrilling and exciting. Do something random today, try something fun yet worthwhile. something which can be productive.

We create unnecessary stress by being too rigid in life. sometimes we need to relax and catch some breathe and be more interesting and this we benefit from being a bit more spontaneous.

What are other ways you have been spontaneous in your life? Do you think we always have to stick to plan? Share your thoughts and please connect with me on social media( my Facebook page and Twitter) and also follow my blog.





17 thoughts on “7 fun ways to be more spontaneous in life.”

  1. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for being realistic in this post
    It’s really boring to go through routines though they get the job done
    I have tried that and by the third day, I couldn’t anymore.
    I love making plans but i try to spice things up by skipping a day or two before coming to an activity
    I am more of a perfectionist so thanks a lot for that tip on perfection.
    great post my dear


    1. Thanks a lot NG for reading. routine can become boring sometimes really & trying to always be perfect can be exhausting. while it’s great to have a plan, life is full of uncertainties so it’s equally great to be able to think outside the box.


    1. Yea… Calculated risk! Sometimes your gut-feeling might be so strong on you doing something, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. Over-thinking will just hinder you from progress sometimes seriously.
      Thanks Lara for your contribution, 😚


  2. Point one: Stop trying to be perfect, and
    Point two: Not limiting yourself to beliefs that limit you…

    These two points I will say everyone should carefully hold dear….

    Thank you very much for this…


    1. Thanks Brenda for reading dear, yea… We sometimes hold on to beliefs that limit us, and try to always be perfect forgetting that we’re only humans. We should learn to let go and stay authentic & be able to tweak tins up once in a while u know..


  3. U write so good that I can’t believe ur just beginning to write. Pls more of this wonderful piece! You’re such a wonderful writer!


  4. My routine-loving personality struggles with spontaneity. I will TRY and give some of these a thought. It’s going to be difficult but worth a shot =)


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