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Sometimes, you have to be your own sunshine.

The sun illuminates our day, it shines and makes it bright. When it rises, darkness gives way and the cloud lightens up. Sometimes when you feel gloomy and sad, you have to be your own sunshine. Happiness is a choice and it totally depends on you to make yourself happy and stay happy.


Where ever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine” ~ Anthony D’angelo.

The world is sometimes insane and filled with negative vibes, don’t hitch your sanity and happiness to anything external. It comes from within.. You project it from the inside.
No one has the power to make/keep you sad except you permit. Be your own sunshine. Shine and illuminate your life.. You owe it to yourself to feel good about yourself.

How do you become your own sunshine?

• Accept yourself, embrace yourself: You’re no other person than you! Commit to loving yourself a bit more. You are human, make mistakes, accept your flaws, forgive yourself, learn, keep improving yourself, and move along.

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• Surround yourself with positive people: People who make you feel good about yourself, people who inspire you. Not everyone will be on your life’s journey, if you need to shut the door, don’t look back. That’s not where you’re going.


• Show appreciation to others and be grateful for what you have.

• Smile often: when you smile, you brighten your day and lighten your mood. A smile could mean a thousand words, find ways to make others smile too. Let little frustrations go as soon as they arrive.

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• Make time for your hobbies and everything you enjoy doing and do them very often.

• Have adequate rest

• Find ways to manage your stress: I shared it here>> Stressed? 7 proven ways to get relief.

Always remember to carry your sunshine along and around with you.

Take control of your well-being. If you don’t now, Who will?

Cheers 😊😊



19 thoughts on “Sometimes, you have to be your own sunshine.”

  1. Yes, everyone no matter their situation should try to bring out their shine.. It just doesn’t make people see you as a happy and friendly person, it also helps the body health wise.

    Being happy rejuvenates the entire body and helps to keep body in better health.

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