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Are people born gay?

This topic of discussion has been debated by clergymen, psychologists, medical professionals, politicians, scientists and even the general public. Are people born gay or is it a lifestyle choice?

Sexual orientation they say is a trait some people are born with (nature). They say it is determined by biological factors such as genes or hormones and as such gay people should be entitled to same protections and legal rights as every normal human being since their nature was determined at birth. Some countries have gone ahead to legalize same-sex relationships and marriages and they even have an umbrella body known as the Lesbians, Gays and Transgenders (LGBT) community. Which protects their rights.

In Nigeria, it is illegal to have a gay relationship infact there is a 14year jail term for anyone caught in such act.

People argue that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice resulting from poor-training, brain washing by pro-gays, developmental causes or even peer pressure and have nothing to do with nature whatsoever. Thus they say it is sexual preference and not orientation and could be reversed through rehabilitation and other therapies.

The question is…” Are there biological factors that causes a person to become gay“? Or is it a psychological disorder?

imagePeople also argue that there is likelihood that children raised by gay parents will themselves become gay since it is a thing they have perceived ‘normal‘ from birth. Most traits of homosexuality begin to manifest from childhood/ adolescence and so peer-pressure and environmental factors is said to be some leading causes of homosexuality. Is it convenient to say thus that it is a lifestyle choice rather than in-born?

Interestingly inside this debate is a group of people called the transvests. These are cross-dressers. I.e people dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex.(transvestism). People in this group claim not to be gays. There’s also those suffering from identity crisis who believe they were born in a wrong body. Some of them go ahead to surgically transform their genders and are known as transsexuals or Transgenders.  Little wonder they all fall in the same group, (LGBT). Are all these caused by a gene or hormone or an unfortunate lifestyle choice?

Many people propose that gays should be denied marriage, social and religious acceptance and should be discriminated against.

There isn’t a DNA, medical test or scientific proof yet to determine the homosexuality of a person. It is a self-chosen identity. Even though most gays believe they are innately oriented.

Are people born gay or is it a lifestyle choice? What are your thoughts.




15 thoughts on “Are people born gay?”

  1. Funny enough, i am also writing and developing a post on Bisexuality.

    Quoting you from above, ”there is likelihood that children raised by gay parents will themselves become gay since it is a thing they have perceived ‘normal‘ from birth”, I think to an extent that statement is correct and sometimes, these children grow up to mix with other kids with normal parents (mother and father) and may decide to change while asking their parents how come they are same parents?

    If they say its genetic, that i can believe because i once read where two brothers who were twins but separated at birth, they grew up as gays living in different locations and only met themselves when they got admitted to the same school and started dating. People were surprised at their resemblance and asked them on many times to carry out a DNA test. After much pressure, they did and lo and behold they were brothers.

    Each went back home and confronted their parents who later told them they were adopted. One of them threatened to stop and become straight after the incidence but the other saw it as no biggie.
    I am still searching the internet to get hold of this particular story.


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    1. There isn’t still any scientific or medical proof yet to state clearly that being gay is genetic. Though there has been claims to that by some. Offsprings of gay Union may or may not become gay when they grow which means the genes may have not been passed on or perhaps they decide to be straight. As controversial as this is, one is wondering if truly it is inborn or merely a lifestyle choice borne out of socio-environmental factors.
      Thanks a lot Brenda for your contribution. 😘


  2. Hi Jessica.
    Thanks for this post.
    There is nothing genetic about being gay.
    Looking at our human bodies physicaly, a man was meant to be with a woman. Nature made all the provisions for that. What other prove is needed?
    Some people may not believe it but it is a spiritual problem.
    Thanks for raising this point.



  3. Very interesting and slight controversial subject. I think science has a lot of theory regarding homosexuality and transvestism and transgender-ism etc.. There are a lot of general concepts that we know for sure to be true like hormones playing a role in physical gender differentiation, but just like there is no clear understanding of how love works (we can’t see it, touch it, control it..) I think it’s still hard to determine how homosexuality and all works. We can’t really say whether someone is born gay or not.
    Have you ever heard of hermaphrodite people?.. born with both male and female physical characteristics. How do we decide then if they are male or female. Some parents sometimes decide to pick a gender for their child right after birth. They go through surgery and grow up being raised as just male or just female but sometimes grow up and realize that they really are the opposite sex, not the one chosen by the parents. If the way they were raised and environment had to do with it, they wouldn’t want a gender change.
    One other thing is, I’ve met people that are gay and hated themselves because they were raise by homophobic families who thought them being gay was despicable. If being gay was a choice I think those people would have simply decided not to be gay anymore.
    I definitely think in the mist they are some people who chose same sex relationships though. With a friend we were discussing how one of her female co worker decided to start dating women only because she had been too disappointed by men. I don’t know if those people qualify as gay or just confused straight people experimenting.
    I don’t take transvestism so seriously. I mean before civilization we weren’t even dressing. Women get away with it. We wear pants, oversize shirt ans sweaters, there’s even what they call “the boyfriend jeans” now. I was a tomboy in high school. I just liked the style and I don’t think there was anything wrong with it, so for me if a man wants to wear a skirt or make up why not.
    I think we still are to figure how sexual attraction and sexual identity works, that’s if we ever do, but I don’t believe any body deserves to be discriminated.
    Good post Jessica. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


    1. Thanks a lot for your contribution sauniya, in as much as I’d like to agree with all your points, let’s look at it from the religious angle. God created man & woman, even in animals He created male & female. For procreation, companionship, etc. Gods idea was natural, for a man to be with a woman. And if God created Man, I don’t think being gay is in-born. Here, we could justifiably say it’s a lifestyle choice. Scientifically also, the theory of evolution points that man evolved from a certain mammal (ape) until we became homo-sapiens. A lot of environmental factors caused mutation and all that and here we are as humans. Isn’t it possible some environmental factors may have affected the lives of those who identify as gays? As per transvestism, fashion no longer have rules. These days I see both men and women cross-dressing but really some are just not normal. I’m against the opinion of discriminating against anyone’s lifestyle choice but I strongly believe it is typically a lifestyle choice rather than in-born. It’s still kinda controversial whether or not but that’s it for me.


      1. Thanks for your response Jessica. I kinda get your point.
        Just to clarify things. I personally don’t think people chose to be gay but I don’t think it is something in-born either. I think it is something that is still to be understood.
        In the religious angle, I think God’s creation is perfect, yet are all so imperfect.
        In the sciences angle, I get what you were trying to say but I think your example doesn’t really fit. Mutation can either bring evolution, as in ape evolving into humans, or disorders as in cells mutating into cancerous cells for example. So Being gay here would either be an evolution or a disease and in both case not chosen.
        I think I said this already, I don’t take fashion choices too seriously. We’ve been thought that male and female should dress this and that way but I don’t take anyone not following those rules too seriously really. Fashion itself is crazy lol.
        Again thank you for sharing such a tought provoking post Jessica. Have a great week! 🙂

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  4. Am so not in support of gayism in any form,. Its just so unnatural honestly.. I think been gay is not genetic rather we should say he influence from our immediate environment.. E.g if you grew up having two dads or two moms and you see them doing ’em kissing blah blah, you definately get used to it thinking its cool and the perfect way of life..
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      1. At Sauniya, its really thought-provoking lol. I’ve often wondered if its inborn or choice but I see dis debate won’t even end here.
        About Mutation, I was wondering if cell mutation can contribute to it being either a choice or nature but perhaps I don’t even understand it myself. In my mind, it’s a lifestyle choice. But I could be wrong. What do I know?
        Pls come around again, I love your brilliant comments. Thanks a lot. 😘


  5. Nobody chooses to be gay. People are born that way. I don’t know why others need to have such a fit about it. If people are happy, we should be accepting all of them.

    I could go on and on about this, but won’t since it appears to be a controversial topic in this comments section.


  6. I have never understood why, but I believe they didn’t just make it up. It is something beyond their control.


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