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4 critical ways to discover your passion/purpose.

It is essential to have a purpose for your life, something usually drives one to search for that purpose. That purpose gives meaning to life and your passion makes you happy. At some point, we all hunger for a meaning in our lives. Either a sense of emptiness, circumstance, problem, even the desire to attain a goal may also drive one. Without purpose, life has no meaning. Purpose gives direction and helps one live a better and more meaningful life.

Passion is a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. An eager interest in an activity, an admiration or a feeling of positive affinity. Passion/purpose helps one live a more fulfilling life but the big question many may find confusing to answer is… What are you passionate about? This isn’t exactly as what is your hobby? Your passion is deeper and goes a long way to help you discover your purpose.

imageAs a child, I loved to teach a lot. I would imitate my teacher after school to teach my peers. It became something I loved somuch that I did very often. In my teenage years, I was the ‘advicer’ among my pals. Infact every one of them would seek my opinion in almost any situation and aspect of their lives. I was good at encouraging and lifting their hearts even when they felt they were no good. In my ‘me’ times, I talked to my pen. I would write and write as if to say the piece of paper was human and me, the pen. It isn’t strange I felt inclined to blog. This doesn’t mean I’m not or cannot be great at other vocations, this is just a part of me.

Discovering your passion/ purpose is very critical to life thus I’m going to discuss four ways how. Here we go…

Natural abilities: Life begins with God the creator and maker of life. In creating you, He also gave you a(some) natural ability(ies). You may get to choose your career or hobby but a meaningful life comes from God. Your natural abilities are not influenced by education or experiences, we are all blessed with a few God-given talents. The big part is discovering and applying them. You can apply them in your career, education or leadership roles. If these are identified and encouraged, one can achieve maximum satisfaction and productivity. It also indicates there’s a place for you to serve.
A skill can be learned but a natural ability is in-born. You can learn skills to enhance your abilities to help you reach your goals.

Enthusiasm: What drives your energy? What do you so enjoy doing? Enthusiasm strikes some interest and eagerness in you to pursue something. It flames up a deep passion and determination and creates a feeling of need for significance. Find things you feel great at and excited doing and do them.

imageExplore: One can be great at doing more than one thing in life. How do you know you can? By trying other things. You cannot be sure what you’re best at until you have explored. Give wings to your imaginations and creativity and let them fly. You’ll be able to learn more things, sharpen your mind, become better and achieve more. Placing limitation on yourself or siting in your comfliest zone is like refusing to move and  thus caging yourself.

Look down to your heart: Forget what your head is saying and look down to your heart. Your heart represents the source of all your motivations, things you love to do and care about the most. It reveals the real you- what you truly are, why you say the things you say, feel the way you do or act the way you do. Sometimes you need to take a moment and listen to heart and follow your guts.

Life isn’t just about going to work and paying your bills. Life is living your purpose and helping others along the way.

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8 thoughts on “4 critical ways to discover your passion/purpose.”

  1. “Life isn’t just about going to work and paying your bills. Life is living your purpose and helping others along the way.” This is so true! Thanks for sharing these very helpful tips Jessica.


  2. ‘A skill can be learned but a natural ability is inborn. You can learn skills to enhance your abilities to help you reach your goals.’
    I love these phrases. So simple but they mean a lot. Without a purpose, life feels empty. That’s why I think people should find their passions and purpose quite early so that they don’t waste time doing other things that don’t make them feel fulfilled. Nice post.


  3. Very beautiful write-up. Sometimes it takes a while to discover your passion but it later happens. I certainly agree with the idea of exploring and trying out new things. Along the way, one could discover what excites them and it could be more than just one thing!
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. You’re so right Zinny, if one doesn’t explore, you may not know what you’re best at and other things you could be great doing. It also expands one’s knowledge and innovative capacity. Thanks for reading Zinny, see you around again.


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