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Liebster Award.

Hi guys, it’s Monday and this is your Monday morning reminder…

” You’re awesome and you can do anything”.

I’m excited, I received warmly, the liebster award. This award is to recognise new blogs for their content, it’s given to bloggers by other bloggers and I thank Mfon of http://daintym.com for nominating me. Do visit her blog, she’s the sweetest Christian blogger I know.

Honestly I started this blog with barely 4 topics to write about. I had no clue how much work  I needed to stay on top but with each day comes new inspiration, and as I write, I minister to myself i’m learning and having new experiences and meeting amazing people. So far I have over 80 blogposts and counting. Sometimes I experience the Writer’s block just like other writers but I get through it and continue to write and here we are…


So the rules,

• Answer the eleven questions you’re provided with by the person who nominated you
• Nominate other bloggers
• Post the liebster award on your blog.

The questions;

What do you love most about blogging?
The fact that it’s interactive and I get to reach out to the world through my writings.

If you had only a day left to live, what would you do?
Read the bible all day, eat, pray and sleep.

What is your ideal job?
Any job that involves writing and making impacts in the lives of people.

Do you play any musical instrument? If yes, which?
No I don’t, but I can sing pretty well I guess..

What’s one thing you can’t do without?
I really can’t think of one now honestly

What’s your favorite holiday?
Definitely summer

Do you believe in God? If yes, why?
I absolutely do because He’s my creator, The one and everlasting God.

What are you passionate about
Writing, motivational speaking

Are you a TV person?
I kinda am, I love to watch entertaining programs.

If you could rename yourself, what name would you give?
I absolutely love my name Jessica. Can’t think of any other.

What would you like to get for Christmas?
I haven’t thought of that yet.

The new nominees are;

  •  nita0216blog.wordpress.com
  • debbrahmaxwell.wordpress.com
  • ugotalksalot.com
  • mychronicles007.wordpress.com
  • ajibolasunday.wordpress.com
  • margowoodward.com

Please refer to the questions I asked In this POST and have fun answering them. I can’t wait to read your answers.

Cheers all,



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