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What if…( crazy random thoughts)

So recently, I’ve been thinking out loud. This crazy random thoughts bugging my mind and going on and on in my head. Was reading a magazine this morning and my head started imagining  weird things and wondering if they actually happen in reality, how it’ll play out. It’s so humorous but then again it won’t harm to reason a bit of it. I decided to write and share, Like What if…


Every of our thoughts become instant reality?  Think of an elephant doing the azonto dance and instantly an elephant appears dancing azonto in front of you. Haha.. Or maybe you imagine yourself on a vacation in Hawaii and gboom! You’re in a Hawaiin beach sipping champagne on a swim suit.

imageOr maybe you just think of one delicious food you want to eat and it suddenly appears oozing some wonderful aroma. Lol the world will be a weird place because people will be thinking absurd things.

Women can transfer their pregnancies to the men when they feel tired. Let’s say this is a possibility, your pregnant self is feeling weak then you call your husband or partner and simply transfer it. Abeg come and carry let me rest small. Wouldn’t that be ecstatic? He can even keep it till the ninth month or better still, deliver the baby after all what a woman can do a man can do even more better. Hehehe

Cars can flysighs


the kind of traffic you’ll be in and sometimes you wish you have a fly button you can just press and fly your way home. Abi there would be air traffic too? Just wondering…

•  One can loose weight by just blinking. Awwwh… This would be so lovely. No need for rigorous exercises, no need for dieting whatsoever. Just blink and all weight is gone! Sweeeeeeet.

•  You win a jackpot now? Ok you think your own now.. Lol For me, I’ll simply eat and sleep first. When I wake up, I’ll think of what to do with my jackpot. Haha

And Donald Trump becomes US president?

My thoughts though… Weird ain’t it?  Have you ever had some weird thoughts and wishes? I’d love to hear them please.





6 thoughts on “What if…( crazy random thoughts)”

  1. Hahaha…I like your thoughts! If what we thought about could happen immediately hmmm enters pensive mode I also have a lot of weird thoughts. Like being paid to sleep all day. Or waiting for my ‘the one’ to fall from the sky into my house or come out of the TV to marry me. LOL. These are a few of mine. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Couldn’t stop laffing at your thoughts Dainty..Being paid to sleep all day? 😂😂But seriously they should sign this into law already. Me I want too… Waiting for ‘the one’ to fall from the sky..😂😂 I can’t come and die of lafta here. He’ll show up very soon but definitely not with a fall from d sky. Lol
      Thanks a lot dear, weird random thoughts…

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  2. Hahahahahaha! You know, when lecturers would recommend all the novels they know just for a course alone, and I still had fat textbooks and articles all craving my attention, I used to wish I had the magical powers to pour the contents of each book into my head and mind by merely placing them on my head one after the other.


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