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What kind of conversations are you having?

“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever”~ Linda Lambert

imageOften times in our not-so-busy moments, we engage in some conversations. We spend time talking about things which are relatively meaningless and adds no value to our lives. I’d rather call them ‘crappy conversations’. Fatima wants to know what’s going on in Bola’s life, she chats up/ calls Simbi and the conversation goes thus;

Fatima: how far

Simbi: fine o, wassup?

Fatima: cool. How far with Bola & her boyfriend? bla bla

other times it could be…

Fatima: That Chanel dress Mary wore is fake.

Simbi: Her Brazilian hair is cheap.

bla bla…

It could be about someone else’s house, car, infact life! Such negative conversations breed ground for envy, hatred and unhealthy competitions. What do we actually do with such information upon receipt? Nothing! Any value? Not at all. Why then do we engage in such meaningless conversations? That I can’t answer  but what I can say is, there is need for conscious conversations. To be aware of what we are talking about and the impact it’ll have in our lives.

imageThe truth is, whatever you spend your time talking about, you attract. You are releasing words to the universe which it’ll act on. You want positivity, speak positivity and have impactful conversations. Sometimes you have to mind ya business. You want negativity, do it the other way round. Does crappy conversations help one move closer to their dreams? Does it enable you fulfil your destiny? Does it even solve your own problems? I’ll live you to answer.

No doubt people are always interested in other people’s affair. That’s why celebrity news and gossips sell, that’s why people are more bothered about Davido not winning in MAMA than they are about themselves winning in life. We could use our time for valuable, inspiring and useful conversations about ideas, innovations & personal development.

My idea of good company is the company of clever, well informed people who have a great deal of conversation.~ Jane Austen

Change your thoughts and you change your world! The people we spend time with and the quality of conversation we have with them affect our lives. Conversations with the right people are priceless. In the mind, words and ideas are formed, sorted and elaborated.

great minds discuss ideas“~ Socrates

If you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly. If you hang out with chicken, you’re going to cluck.

#Mondaymotivation; choose your conversations rightly and impact your world.

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8 thoughts on “What kind of conversations are you having?”

  1. You are so right about conversing and the kind of effects it can have..
    company doesn’t have to be clever to have super conversations…

    I love communicating and great conversations.. which leads to great connections..

    But you have to choose the subjects and topics that you want to participate in..

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    1. The kind of conversations we have definitely affects our lives. Some even get you in trouble, while others might lead you to great insights & connections. That’s why its necessary to choose the kind you’re having. You’ll most definitely learn a thing or two with clever conversations, however conversations with amazing people can be refreshing. Thanks a lot Nita, you’re awesome.

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