5 Simple tips for making a good first impression.

Are you like me? Inwards, reserved & sometimes shy? Even though I struggle to accept that I’m shy sometimes especially when I’m relating with an elder one or when I need to face a crowd of people, I am funnily shy sometimes. You find me looking away or face-down instead of directly at the person, or maybe even rubbing my hair (that’s on its own).

And when I need to meet some personalities or a VIP for the first time, I’d hardly even sleep at night worried about what impression I’d make ( not just clothes to wear alone). If they’d probably get to know me & not that shy person in their presence.

imageIt takes a few seconds to make a first impression that lasts a lifetime so it is very important to make sure to try to live a good one. You may never get a second chance to make a great first impression so today, I’ll share with you 5 tips which has helped me overtime, overcome the shyness and the worry. Let’s dig in…

Prepare: By preparation I don’t only mean physically but mentally as well. You don’t want to pass off as a disorganized person. Prepare outfit suitable for the event, prepare questions to ask and be ready for answers to possible questions that might come your way. Be ready for the event, avoid last minute rush.

Be yourself, be open: Don’t try to speak “phoney” or any intonation you originally don’t possess, or be dramatic. Keep an open mind, be confident, just be yourself.

Smile: You don’t want to appear too serious neither would you want to be passed off as a clown. A simple smile with a good poise is perfect and normal. It is more appealing and friendly and also puts you in a better mood.

Be courteous and attentive: Be a good listener, remove any form of distraction including your phones. You don’t want it ringing during a deep conversation. Put it on vibration or better still, put it off! You also wouldn’t want to  be seen Facebook-ing or pinging/chatting during an interactive discussion such that when asked a question or an opinion, you’re lost. Be appropriate and read body language too.

Be positive: You cannot make a good first impression with a negative mindset. Be positive about your meeting or event and scrap every ‘cannot’, ‘will not’, ‘impossible’ etc in your mind. A positive attitude will always lead to a positive outcome.

So guys, I hope you found my tips useful, don’t forget to use the share buttons and express your thoughts through comments.

Do have yourselves a fun-filled weekend.

Until next time,




4 thoughts on “5 Simple tips for making a good first impression.”

  1. Well Jessica.. if you apply all these five tips.. you will definitely make a very great first impression..
    Good 😊 job .. learning how to overcome your feelings of being shy and reserved..


    1. You’re so right. Shyness is something we all should try to overcome, it holds us back from a lot, and makes us not maximize our full potentials. Sometimes being perceived as a snub which may leave a wrong impression. Thanks so much for reading Nita, I appreciate.

      Liked by 1 person

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