The ability to face adversity, maybe health problems, workplace or even financial and then bounce back even stronger than ever.~ Resilience.

imageI used to wonder how some people despite facing all manner of challenges of life maintain balance in ALL areas of their life. They have problems just like every other person but they always bounce back more fierce and determined than ever. They move from victim to victorious using their challenges of today for their tomorrow’s triumph. I get to understand that these people are called the Resilient people.

They are the never-give up, I can & I will, goal-getters and the winners of life. As humans, adversity is inevitable, it is part of life. No matter how strong or intelligent we are, we will encounter challenges. Do you get caught up in self-pity, why me syndrome? Or do you draw strength to help you overcome it?

Resilient people are courageous, determined and perseverant. Everyone’s resilience is in varying degree. Some give up on life easily, allow their adversity swallow them & become hopeless. Others keep trying until they reach their destination. And that makes those who get to the extra mile.

Jk Rowling was born into a poor family, left a bad marriage with a young baby to live on government grants. She would have given up at that point but she kept on. She wrote her first Harry Potter book and was turned down by most publishers until Bloomsbury publishing picked it up. You know the rest of the story.

imageLearn to LEARN the lessons that come with adversities and use them positively to enhance your life. Challenges like I always say is a catalyst for success depending on how you perceive it. You either let it break you or make you.

There’s depression in this economic recession I tell you but the resilient will never give up even in the face of adversity. It’s not easy, no one is saying it is. But we have the will power, the mental fortitude and the resilience to move us forward.

Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.~ Og Mandino.

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11 thoughts on “That word-RESILIENCE…”

  1. I think we should always remember with resilience however that you are the keeper of your own. You can strengthen your resilience, you can draw on strength from those around you, but they can never determine whether you have bounced back, that is for you to decide. This decision is based on where in life you feel most happy. so taking a very basic example, if you became bankrupted over for night, bouncing back for some would not be achieved unless the money lost was recuperated. However, for others, knowing their family (as an example) had stood by them during the rough times would be enough success to deem their ‘bounciness’

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