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Myths or facts?

Hey guys, it’s Saturday! Whoop, whoop!! I love Saturdays like madt. I don’t even know why, but I know it dates back to my days in early primary school. Infact I narrated my love for Saturdays here.

So last night, as i was reading a fairy-tale story to my son, i recollected a lot of myths I heard growing up infact many still believe till date. I dunno how true they are but most of them are really hilarious and even funnier hearing them now. Sometimes I wonder how this myths/superstitions were created, as in who created them and how? I’d like to meet this myth-creators especially the naija ones and ask them kweshuns ahn ahn! The twists to this myths will live your mouth open for days. And how did they even get everyone to believe them sef?

Lemme share some with you…


Never eat mango and drink garri together or coke: I dunno how this started but I know the day I attempted to try this unknowingly, the horror of believing that I’ll move to the ‘other side’ left me crying for weeks. I pinch myself and I’m still here o. You can try and tell us the result tomorrow sha..

You have bigbone and can never be slim: Hian! This lives me thinking if skeleton dey fat. So apparently, some have decided to believe that they can never loose weight because fat-bones run in their families. Ok, me I dunno if it’s true o.

Itchy palms brings money: They say whenever your palm is itching you, money is coming your way. Is this a fact? Does it work for you? Because I’m planning to start itching my entire body whether it itches me or not. Who no like money?

Sneezing means someone is calling your name somewhere: Whenever I sneeze, I’ve learnt to say..” Blood of Jesus” afterwards without knowing why until I heard this. So when ever you’re having symptoms of cold or reacting to dust or whatever, it simply means the winches in your village have started calling your name in a white basin filled with water so you have to shout “blood of Jesus” immediately or else…

Eating fisheye will make yours look like one: That’s how I was jejely eating my fish-head contents with bole( roasted plantain) one faithful afternoon in my house and my 12-year old self was told if I eat the eyes of the fish, my own eyes will automatically become fish eye. That’s how i left my food and this adult visitor emptied my plate. Kai!

Pregnant women attaching safety pins to their clothes will keep them and their baby(ies) safe: I was told same in the market by my crayfish customer one day while I was pregnant with my first. I never used that for a single day but I’m sure a lot of people do this religiously. I dunno whether it works o but I know God is our protector not safety pins. But sha.. Who am I to say not to put na.

Sleeping with your face facing up will make you have bad dreams: I give up! I haf taya! I just want to ask these people kweshuns. How can they do this to mankind? Lol

Lemme know other myths you’ve heard too and which ones you believe. Don’t forget to use the share buttons durlings and follow me on social media.

Till next time,




8 thoughts on “Myths or facts?”

  1. Lool. Eating fish head is said to make one dull too. There are a thousand and one myths ehn. There’s one that says if someone crosses over a pregnant woman, her baby would look like the person. Another, if you hold someone on one shoulder, he/she would become handicap. If you inhale the smell of any other person but your mother’s food, your stomach would divide. I was always holding my breath eh. Lol
    Why You Should : Walk Deliberately


    1. 😂😂😂 Kai! I really dunno how these superstitions originated and how people started believing them & then passing it on.I guess there are a whole lot others people still believe and adhere to even till now. I just haf taya lol.
      Thanks Olaitan for reading


    1. As in eh… And one can actually create one o and wind will distribute it too. My head is thinking if I should create one sef but sleep is ‘catching’ me now. Lol. Thanks BuBu for stopping by..


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