Steps to self-discovery

At a point in your life’s journey, it is normal to pause and ponder on your identity. Like…” Why am I here”? ” Who am I really”? ” What am I supposed to be doing”? Etc.

When you were born and as you grow, you learn to walk, eat, breath, socialize, etc. The thought of who you are and purpose isn’t much of a focus.perhaps until one day, you decide to assess and reflect on your life and existence.

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You’d probably be able to answer those questions based on your gender, name, profession and career. But beneath it is a craving for self- discovery; a deeper meaning to life which in turn transforms you. As Aristotle would put it, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom“.

As you know, self- discovery is the act or process of gaining deeper knowledge and understanding of yourself which reveals your true feelings, character and abilities. Sometimes it is borne out of the desire to find yourself, which means there perhaps have been a disconnection or you are transcending into a higher stage of self- realization.


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Journey to self-discovery is revealing and enlightening and brings about clarity, fulfilment and joy! You’re able to re-visit your choices and learn to make better ones, learn not to overly rely on others for your happiness or expect too much from others which is okay, to also defeat fear by being true to your feelings and emotions and validating/accepting your unique self.

Here I share with you, seven(7) steps to self-discovery thus;

• Understand that you’re unique and recognise the things that inspire you

• Find your core values/virtues; When you’re stressed out, ask yourself what you’re doing that is not in agreement to your value system. Internal conflict arises as a result of betrayal to your values or self trust.

• Demonstrate integrity

• As you continue on your journey, you become more aware of God and so service to Him and being of service to others becomes important

• Continually fine-tune your special skills and harness them. This creates additional opportunities for you to serve.

• Embrace change and take the risk; This is like wanting to take a leap but the fear of fracturing your legs keeping you out. The simple reality is that, you will be able to take that leap but you have to first defeat that fear. The only way up is by embracing change. Cut-out toxic habits, relationships, etc

• As your life flows, you’ll intuitively know what is right for you,( decisions/directions) and this helps you become increasingly self-reliant and being guided by your own sense of destiny.

We can be all we were created to be and live a fulfilled life if we discover who we really are. I tend to inspire you as I do myself.

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