Talent Vs Hardwork: On the path to success…

This has been an age long debate. Talent, which is one’s natural ability or Hardwork which is commitment & diligence towards a set goal. Which of them tends to take one farther in life and why? Let’s take a peek on this;

God bestowed on each person a natural ability, whether in sports, singing, leadership/mentorship, time management, teaching, etc. The purpose of this was for us to find fulfilment when we actually use it to serve Him and be of service to others.

What comes natural to me may not be same for you and vice versa. For example, if I’m a natural singer and you are a hardworking singer, when put to test, the result will be obvious because it will be clearly seen you’re trying too hard to become what you’re not.

imageHowever, having talent alone is not all there is to success if it’s not being put to use and if you are not diligent & committed towards its application in making it a success. This is where Hardwork comes in to play. Like Ellen De Generes the famous comedienne and TV host would say…” Find who you are and be that person“. If you’re passionate about something, you need to take a small step forward on a regular basis.

Talented people who are successful don’t sit and stare, they also work not hard alone, but smart too. The irony is, you cannot work so hard if you have no passion for what you do and that’s the limitation. You tend to loose interest, get bored and have no extra appeal to be all committed to get to that point of satisfaction. This is why some professionals like doctors, engineers, etc branch off to other vocations which comes more natural and in which they love. And guess what? They also succeed there.

Victoria Beckham was once ‘posh spice’ of the defunct spice girls, she later confessed she barely knew how to sing. (such a struggle). She took up something else she believes she was talented in and today, she’s one of the most successful fashion moguls we know. TALENT!!! No matter how hard you work, without passion and drive, you may not go that extra mile.

Employers look for interests, hobbies, skills despite your academic qualification in filling up a role because they understand how important talent is to work. In my opinion, talent may give you the head-start, but hardwork takes you farther. Without talent either, society would be nothing. Human technology, science, writers, creatives, etc. Talent will always give you an edge which hardwork alone cannot.  But in the long run, hardwork, constant practice and dedication puts you ahead.

imageA combination of talent and hardwork we need perhaps, for success. People will argue though that the Kardashians have no talents yet are successful.

What do you think? Is talent better than hardwork or is hardwork more important in achieving success?

Leave me your thoughts and let’s connect.

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14 thoughts on “Talent Vs Hardwork: On the path to success…”

  1. Talent won’t go anywhere with enough hard work
    And talents do die without any hard work
    And hard work without talent? Most times, serious struggle.
    My $0.02 opinion. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this, Jessica!


  2. First, I think you should recognize what you are good at.. Secondly, follow it up and develop on it. Look for those who will help u discover yourself properly and make you use your talent well. In the end, it will take you places if you are serious and have a vision.


  3. I say, ” Hardwork pays”. Hardwork beats talent. Doesn’t matter if you have some sort of natural talents. But the thing is, if you don’t hone your skills, you will be beaten out by someone else. You got to work hard on yourself and on your work. Read the story of Michael Jordan, if you really want to feel this. Keep working. Stay positive. Peace.


  4. I say it is 50/50. Of course, you need the talent but without putting in the hard work the talent will only take you so far. I’ve seen this with jobs as well. You can have the degree (talent), but without experience (hard work) you will pretty much be overlooked.

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