9 Toxic habits that sabotage your happiness you need to quit!

We all want to feel fulfilled and happy. Nothing is as exciting as this ecstatic feeling & satisfaction, yet we constantly sabotage it by our own selves. To achieve true happiness, we need to give up on some certain habits to enable us attain this.

I’m going to share 9 deadly habits we need to plunge from our system to remain happy.

• Negative selftalk: No one knows you better than you know yourself and thus you learn to love yourself first before you can give/ receive love. When you keep criticizing and devaluing yourself, you’re not only sabotaging your happiness but instilling fear and self-doubt which is quite destructible. When you change from a negative mindset to a positive one, you’ll begin to experience true joy and happiness that comes from within.

• Trying to control what is beyond your control: why spend time worrying about things you cannot control? Real life happens, maybe something you weren’t expecting or something far beyond your capacity. Trying to control these will leave you frustrated and in misery. You must understand that you are only responsible for your own actions not some other person’s, and you also control your own thoughts. These are things you should rather worry about. Take what is beyond your control to the alter perhaps and focus on what you can control.


• Relying so much on other people’s approval: If you continue to do things only to seek attention and approval, you’ll not only be left sad but also disappointed. To some extent, we all care about people’s opinion especially those we love and respect, it helps us stay on track. However, relying so much on people’s opinion about you or what you do, what they (will) think, etc will sabotage your own happiness. Consider what you want and is right for you.

• Expecting too much from others: Do you really want to be happy? If so, lower your expectations from others. you’re wrong to think people will always do for you as you would for them and it’s okay. Undestand that we are all different and so create room for shortcomings, etc. You expect too much? You become disappointed.

• Forgetting to be grateful: We should live a life of gratitude. Sometimes we’re too focused on the things we’re pursuing that we forget to take a moment to appreciate God for the ones that we have. It is said that, it is not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy.

• Hanging too long on unforgiveness: In life, you’ll get hurt, you’ll get disappointed, etc.  Do not hang on too long in forgiving. Set yourself free and unblock your blessings and joy. Unforgiveness leaves you worried and sad. Forgiveness is your own gift to yourself.



• Being your own counterfeit: You are unique and created differently and you need to stay so. Anything outside this is a compromise to your true self and hence will sabotage your happiness and true value. Struggling to act and be like someone else is inauthentic and will continue to leave you sad because you have failed to embrace yourself.

• Perfectionism: Understand that we’re humans and as such there stands to be human errors sometimes. What this means is that it may not be 100% all the time and so don’t beat yourself too much about things when they don’t go as planned or happen exactly when you want. Move on..and stay sane

• Magnifying a problem: A friend was lamenting to me one day, she complained…” My problem is, I not only overthink a problem, I  magnify it”. Does this sound like you too? You need to stop! The truth is that, if you keep ruminating about a problem, it gets worse and even worsens because you spend time overthinking the problem and remixing it and looking for whom to blame, rather than thinking about a solution and this leaves you sad. Overthinking a problem restrains you from clearing your mind to actually think of a solution and the more you dwell on the problem and magnify it, the unhappier you are.

Recognise that you are in charge of how you feel. Don’t wait for the moment to be happy, make the most of every moment you are in and be happy.

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