7 Important tips you need, to stop procrastinating now!

The struggle with procrastination is real. Sometimes things have to be done when it has to be done but for some reasons, aren’t done.

If you find yourself regularly postponing or putting important tasks off, just know you’re not alone. Millions of other people procrastinate to some degree but some have formed it a habit which stops them from fulfilling their potential or disrupts their career.

The best way to solve a problem is to  1. identify that there’s a problem and then 2. Creating a solution for it.

Overcoming procrastination gives one peace of mind, helps you attend to important needs timely, and empowers you with strength and purpose. It also allows you take charge of your life and gives you a sense of responsibility.

Here are 7 important tips to help you stop procrastinating;

Take the first step: It is said that when you take the first step towards a project or a goal, all other things begin to fall into place. It also motivates you to take another step, and another, until you finally reach your destination. But the hard part is in starting i know. Break every step you need to take down stage by stage and then start one feet at a time. Once you start something, your brain remains alert till you finish it.

Stop making excuses: Many times instead of getting stuffs done, you make excuses why it cannot be done at that time. You should focus on all the reasons you must make it happen now not later. Shift from excuses, focus on reasons.


Do the right thing at the right time: They say procrastination is the thief of time and I totally agree! Postponing important activities that need to be done now for later creates all sorts of disorganization and problems for you which causes a lot of anxiety and stress and also make you miss important deadlines.

Believe in your ability: We procrastinate sometimes because we believe we are not sure we can do it. When that uncertainty is there, there’s every tendency to draw back. When you have confidence in your ability, then you can do whatever task at hand. Implement the skills and strategies you’ve learnt. Dont be so sure you can’t, try first.

Always selfregulate (control): Keep in mind what you stand to loose or gain when that thought of procrastination crawls in. This will keep you in check and help you  prioritize on tasks that’ll enable you reach your goal.

Control your environment: Don’t let your environment control you. I elaborated on managing your environment extensively. When you do, you get rid of distractions and are less likely to feel overwhelmed or procrastinate.

• Lastly, make it fun! Common, you don’t have to squeeze your face and make it look like hard work. Find fun ways to make your tasks more interesting, be passionate about it. That way, you may not have the need to procrastinate because you’ll begin to love what you do. You want to smile? Here’s why you should smile today.

There is no perfect timing, what you have to do, do so!

Leave me your thoughts and let’s connect. 😘

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9 thoughts on “7 Important tips you need, to stop procrastinating now!”

  1. Thanku Jessy for these pearls of wisdom. I’ve really struggled to be free from procrastination. I’ll endeavor to apply every bit of these useful tips. Thanku for sharing


  2. Thanks for this post. It motivated me to get up and get done with a task I had been putting off for later for God knows how long now. Keep the ink flowing.


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