A life of gratitude…

Sometimes forgetfulness is excusable in certain things of life, even though we may associate this with age, stress, etc, it is common to everyone and even when little kids have lapses in their memory, they excuse themselves and say…”I forgot”!

But there’s particularly a type of forgetfulness which is inexcusable at any age—Forgetting to be grateful to God!

Four months ago, I did a post on how grateful I am, and I am still grateful for every damn thing! A lot happen around the world daily to sometimes make you doubt the existence of a supernatural being, ( doesn’t take away the fact that there’s one anyways). You tune to news channels and all you see/hear is sad news. But amidst these, do you remember to take a moment to thankGod for the simplest things of life?

imageWe often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude, even the meals we are fortunate to eat! Many a times, we allow situations overwhelm us such that we forget to thankGod because we focus our eyes not on the things we have, but on our wish lists.

” Thank you is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding”.~Alice Walker.

There is no greater joy as being appreciated for a kind gesture or deed. When we give thanks and appreciate each other and God, He would be endeared to do more things when we ask Him. He says, if our earthly father can love and provide for us, how much more Him, our creator.

At this moment, I’m not gonna ask for anything else but to say… Merci, gracias, obrigado, thank you Lord and thank you my reader,for being here. There’s always always something to be grateful for and it can be contagious.







12 thoughts on “A life of gratitude…”

  1. Nice one dear.I think that’s all life is about,we should always be grateful n thankful even to the people around us for little things.


  2. I’m thankful for so much dat I can’t say it all… thankful to God day even in dis hard times, I can afford luxuries, Thankful for my hubby, thankful for my kids, thankful for my siblings, thankful for all my friends around d world…… most importantly thankful to you for reminding me how blessed I am


  3. Even wen all your plans aren’t going d way u wanted it to still stay thankful cos in that spirit of. Thanks giving God will turn situations around for our good


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