What you think Vs What it is…

You are what you think of yourself to be. If you think mediocrity, are you mediocre? Because that is what you have produced out of your own heart for yourself. You limit yourself by your own perception and fail to Recognise the treasures God has laid in you ( What it is).

When you think yourself as a common man, you begin to act and feel like a common man, the thoughts, beliefs, concepts, attitudes and principles of a common man fills your heart and becomes the treasure from which you draw and which brings forth your own future but is it in line with God’s own thought for you?

Yes we do not actually cause bitter things in life but we can control the effect it can have on us by our thoughts and actions. Because things we don’t like nor can control might occur sometimes doesn’t mean we should surrender to that negativity. Action supercedes everything. We think, act and stay winning.

We need to Recognise who we are ( What it is), begin to have good visions of our future in our heart, think it, speak it and act it. What starts in your mind, manifests in your life. No wonder the quote…” If you can think it, you can do it!”


Your thoughts determine your feelings and the emotional energy of feeling is a powerful ally for shaping either success or failure. Develop the state of mind that serves and gives power to your purpose.

Your beliefs are what you cause your mind to think and feel certain about, they’re feelings of certainty you choose to have. Your feelings direct your actions and your actions causes your results so if you want to achieve a specific result, one way to get it is to feel the way you would as if the result was already present for you.

Even as you reform your mind, feelings and thinking pattern towards your specific aim, remember to WORK towards it. The quote ” Man Can only do what he believes he can” is true, but how do you know you can? Because you believe you can and actually DO IT!

Your thoughts and feelings inspire the results you accomplish. What it is is that, God laid up treasures in us but what do you have in your own heart?

leave me your thoughts and let’s connect…😊




2 thoughts on “What you think Vs What it is…”

  1. Self belief is so important! What ever you believe is absolutely true. I have coached so many people who told me “I can’t do it”, and with the right support and guidance and encouragement, they ultimately achieved what they believed to be impossible. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. I always tell people, Don’t believe everything you think! Great article Jessica!


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