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6 Things introverts can relate with…

Phew! I can’t imagine it’s been a whole four days. Life could get busy sometimes, the kind of busy you have little time for yourself nor to write or do a post.

Well I’m here now…smiles and I’m glad you are too.

About today’s post, it’s been on my drafts for a while now, so I thought to share it. To start with, I am an extro-introvert. Don’t get confused LoL. I’m simply referring to being extroverted introvert. Is that a word? Ok I dunno but that’s how I choose to describe myself. Being outgoing yet love my time to read or write.

Introverts are usually mistaken for shy people, people who don’t have a social life, turn inwardly, etc. Although there are some who are socially reserved, who’d rather stay at home and cuddle up in their bed or read a book or whatever activity they enjoy, there are most who love to socialize. Infact many of those you’d refer to as “party animals” or ” social junkies” might actually be introverted. Lady gaga, Emma Watson, are some of the famous introverts we know.

Knowing your specific personality helps one in vocation (job type), inter-personal relationships and other meaningful works of life. It also helps you play on your strengths.

You know you’re an introvert when:

  • You hardly raise your hand to answer a question in class: while most extroverts are willing and ready to yank their hands up to answer a question in class, the introvert will rather sit back and let others have their fill. It’s not as if they are less intelligent, but most introverts will rather not want the spotlight.
  • Even though you can be a great leader, you’ll rather not volunteer except it’s imposed on you, or done by appointment or recommendation and when you are, you make an extremely good one.
  • You’re often described as quiet: ok let me point here that this type of quietness doesn’t mean being anti-social like most people may assume, it simply means your personality type doesn’t necessarily chit-chat a lot.
  • Talking about chit-chat, an introvert is a better listener than a talker. He/ she wouldn’t be that “talkative” in a group nor would he/she be the first to initiate a conversation but when they do, they’re quite cool about it.
  • Your best innovative thoughts and ideas come when you’re alone.
  • You sometimes need to be persuaded to go out and most times, you make excuses not to.

Even though a person might have some traits of   Introverts or extroverts, There isn’t a pure introvert or pure extrovert.

Whats your personality type?




10 thoughts on “6 Things introverts can relate with…”

  1. I’m very sure an introvert… truthfully, why be caught raising my hands even if I know all d questions asked… lol… but I sure do like to go out sometimes bt I like my space n time…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As in eeh, Chinwe. Lol I r’ber in primary/sec school I’d rather whisper the answers to some other person to raise hand and answer than do so myself. And I do like to go out sometimes and just like u, enjoy my space too.


  2. . . . Most people tend to rank me an extrovert, but I tend to agree you just described me like you described you.

    I never answered questions in class while still in school, intentionally that is.

    I party like there’s no tomorrow, yet there’s a huge likelihood I won’t let particular people into my space.



    1. I tink you may be an Extrooo-introvert. Whatever that means lol. I really don’t party like no tomorrow even though I sometimes enjoy other companies too but too much crowd and activity drains my energy dats unlike you abi?
      Each and everyone is just amazing and simply unique. One of a kind

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  3. I have always known I am an introvert but I didn’t know that others are exactly like me. Every character you mentioned describes me. I only open up when I am with people I really trust. I just find myself quiet and it doesn’t bother me at all that I am not talking at that moment though others may complain. But I do get so talkative and social with those I feel comfortable with. Me time is my best time because I can regain my energy drained.
    This post makes me know myself better. Thanks.


  4. I get really nervous before raising my hands or voice to ask a question. I keep on finding openings, and when the time comes, those chills overcame me. Before I know it, I lost that chance..


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